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RSS... Oops! What? · (For RSS wee­nies on­ly). Sam Ru­by thought­ful­ly point­ed me at the RSS Val­ida­tor, which whined at me that my RSS was bro­ken, which it was, so I fixed it, so if your feed read­er is show­ing ev­ery­thing here un­read that may be why. Ex­cept for I'm re­sist­ing one change that the val­ida­tor wants ...
Spam Inflection Point? · I'm a very heavy email user, and af­ter a failed at­tempt to use the shiny new OS X "Mail.app", have re­vert­ed to Mozil­la, curent­ly the 1.3­be­ta. Both have re­mark­ably ef­fec­tive spam fil­ter­s. De­spite Bar­ry Shein's pes­simism in today's Slash­dot, I think we may be win­ning ...
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