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February Commute, with Sunset · My com­mute route is via a bridge that I once cy­cled over in a snow­storm. This af­ter­noon on the way home the sun was set­ting.
Is This Thing On? · Over the last 24 hours I learned a lot about how the Web of A.D. 2003 work­s, and it's not like it used to be ...
Word Hell · To­day I'm in Word Hel­l; I have to write a two-thousand-word piece for a trade mag­a­zine about Busi­ness In­tel­li­gence, and I have to throw an ed­it on a big White Paper that a re­al bright sales­per­son here wrote. Which mean­s, in ef­fec­t, that I'm spend­ing the day locked in the em­brace of Mi­crosoft Word. Hell Day not be­cause it's Word, but be­cause it's mar­ket­ing ver­biage, pret­ty well all day. Word, in fac­t, is ac­tu­al­ly right up there with Emacs as a tool for heads-down grind-out-the-paragraphs in­dus­tri­al au­thor­ing ...
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