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Party Like It's 1999! · Quoth C|Net "...or be­come cor­po­rate roadkill", for­sooth ...
A Lot of People Looking · Some­body won­dered what old friend X is up to, and I know he's on the Web so I checked, and he's look­ing for work. This has hap­pened a lot in re­cent month­s. There is a lot of se­ri­ous, deep, high-quality tal­ent out there wait­ing for the econ­o­my to snap back ...
Apache Fan Club · In the pro­cess of get­ting on­go­ing staged, a cer­tain amount of serv­er twid­dling was called for. This pro­cess has fur­ther deep­ened my already-profound re­spect for the Apache Web server ...
Organizing Infomorsels for the Author · I've de­cid­ed that it's usu­al­ly cor­rect to or­ga­nize in­for­ma­tion (Web in­for­ma­tion, any­how) by date. For ex­am­ple, when I wrote the first few en­tries in on­go­ing, I was or­ga­niz­ing them by cat­e­go­ry; see the lay­out un­der What? to your left. That turns out to be a bad idea for a bunch of rea­son­s ...
Iraq, Again · Like ev­ery­body, I've been read­ing a lot about Iraq in re­cent days. One point keeps com­ing up over and over again: Iraq is aw­ful­ly weak at the mo­men­t, crip­pled by the af­ter­math of los­ing a cou­ple of wars, of decades of cor­rupt dic­ta­tor­ship, and by the sanc­tions their gov­ern­ment brought on them. I think the US is giv­ing ex­act­ly the wrong rea­son for go­ing to war. The right rea­son to go in and take out Sad­dam right now is not be­cause he's strong and dan­ger­ous, but be­cause he's weak; now is an ef­fi­cient and cheap time to make the world a bet­ter place by re­mov­ing one par­tic­u­lar­ly nasty regime from it ...
Good News on Iraq! · Some­how I missed it this last week­end, but Pres­i­dent Bush de­clined Sad­dam Hussein's of­fer of a tele­vised pub­lic de­bate. The en­tire television-watching pop­u­la­tion of the world owes the Commander-In-Chief sin­cere thanks for for scotch­ing this pro­found­ly bad idea ...
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