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Party Like It's 1999! · Quoth C|Net "...or become corporate roadkill", forsooth ...
A Lot of People Looking · Somebody wondered what old friend X is up to, and I know he's on the Web so I checked, and he's looking for work. This has happened a lot in recent months. There is a lot of serious, deep, high-quality talent out there waiting for the economy to snap back ...
Apache Fan Club · In the process of getting ongoing staged, a certain amount of server twiddling was called for. This process has further deepened my already-profound respect for the Apache Web server ...
Organizing Infomorsels for the Author · I've decided that it's usually correct to organize information (Web information, anyhow) by date. For example, when I wrote the first few entries in ongoing, I was organizing them by category; see the layout under What? to your left. That turns out to be a bad idea for a bunch of reasons ...
Iraq, Again · Like everybody, I've been reading a lot about Iraq in recent days. One point keeps coming up over and over again: Iraq is awfully weak at the moment, crippled by the aftermath of losing a couple of wars, of decades of corrupt dictatorship, and by the sanctions their government brought on them. I think the US is giving exactly the wrong reason for going to war. The right reason to go in and take out Saddam right now is not because he's strong and dangerous, but because he's weak; now is an efficient and cheap time to make the world a better place by removing one particularly nasty regime from it ...
Good News on Iraq! · Somehow I missed it this last weekend, but President Bush declined Saddam Hussein's offer of a televised public debate. The entire television-watching population of the world owes the Commander-In-Chief sincere thanks for for scotching this profoundly bad idea ...
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