So Apple is shipping this huge, unwieldy, expensive monster notebook, and a smaller, lighter, cheaper 12" box. The smaller notebook has been getting some bad reviews as having a low-quality LCD screen and being somewhat underconfigured.

I think Apple's going about this backward; until I went Mac, I was carrying Toshiba Portegés for years, and understood that if I wanted the smaller, lighter machine, it would cost me an extra thousand bucks or so for the same specs. And I was willing to pay that because I have busted up both my shoulders at one point or another and I travel a lot.

So what I'd like to buy next time I need a laptop, would be a small, light Mac laptop with at least a GHz under the hood (no point upgrading a computer unless you double the speed), and a fabulous screen. And I'd be willing to pay up for it.

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February 24, 2003
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