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Divisibility · Re­cent­ly ran across a point­er to this "mind-reader" ap­pli­ca­tion. It's ob­vi­ous how it work­s, which leads to some in­ter­est­ing recre­ation­al math in the area of how you can tell what di­vides in­to what ...
No, I Don't Need To · There has been a re­al­ly ir­ri­tat­ing spread, in­to (most­ly the spo­ken) lan­guage, of the use of the ver­bal phrase "to need to". This is most com­mon­ly found in the mouths of mi­nor of­fi­cials or bul­ly­ing diplo­mat­s, as in "You need to re­move all the keys and change from your pockets" or "Saddam needs to stop hid­ing his weapons." ...
Don't We Have Threading and Multitasking Dammit? · Mozil­la on Mac OS X just does not lis­ten to me dammit. When I have a big slow-loading page up, and I hit a link and in­stant­ly re­al­ize I didn't want to, I can click on the "stop loading" but­ton all I want but Mozil­la just isn't lis­ten­ing. I've ob­served this with oth­er browsers too, is Mac OS X just bro­ken on this?
Wife-Beater · There is a va­ri­ety of sleeve­less T-shirt that is called a sin­glet Down Un­der (maybe in Bri­tain too?), and a muscle-shirt (most­ly on males) or tank-top (most­ly on fe­males) here in the New World. It's a little-known fact that a black sin­glet is a cul­tur­al­ly im­por­tant sig­ni­fi­er of New Zealand-ness. Google sug­gests that on these shores, a sin­glet is what wrestlers wear ...
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