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Divisibility · Recently ran across a pointer to this "mind-reader" application. It's obvious how it works, which leads to some interesting recreational math in the area of how you can tell what divides into what ...
No, I Don't Need To · There has been a really irritating spread, into (mostly the spoken) language, of the use of the verbal phrase "to need to". This is most commonly found in the mouths of minor officials or bullying diplomats, as in "You need to remove all the keys and change from your pockets" or "Saddam needs to stop hiding his weapons." ...
Don't We Have Threading and Multitasking Dammit? · Mozilla on Mac OS X just does not listen to me dammit. When I have a big slow-loading page up, and I hit a link and instantly realize I didn't want to, I can click on the "stop loading" button all I want but Mozilla just isn't listening. I've observed this with other browsers too, is Mac OS X just broken on this?
Wife-Beater · There is a variety of sleeveless T-shirt that is called a singlet Down Under (maybe in Britain too?), and a muscle-shirt (mostly on males) or tank-top (mostly on females) here in the New World. It's a little-known fact that a black singlet is a culturally important signifier of New Zealand-ness. Google suggests that on these shores, a singlet is what wrestlers wear ...
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