NetNewsWire 1.0, the pay-for-it version, came out this week. <Disclosure>Brent of Ranchero gave me a freebie, but I would have paid, honest.</Disclosure>. Actually, off the top there are no obvious differences from the "Lite" version I've been using for months. Except for the business of moving to the next-unread article.

Used to be that command-G would do this. No longer; now the menu says command-+. What is this!?!? Three keys!?!?!? I email Brent. He emails back:

Space bar! It's extra-cool because it scrolls the description pane if needed before moving on to the next unread.

It's awfully nice; would be nicer if you could find out the keystroke without emailing the author. But it's wonderful that you can email the author and get an answer.

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February 12, 2003
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