Unicode U+00B7 CENTER DOT like so: ·, I was trying to figure out how to render the date and taxonomy hierarchies, and fiddling with various kinds of lame line-drawing tricks (stretched GIFs and so on) when I realized that just about every font in the known universe has this thing and it lines up nicely in rows and columns and looks pretty good.

I also tried using <ul> and <ol> and so on in combination with CSS magic but it seemed like too much work to achieve the desired effect, virtually every aspect of the default formatting was hideous not the desired effect.

This thing is like duct tape, see you can use it to keep adjacent images from stacking on each other.

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I am reminded of an old Roger Zelazny novel where the protagonist is about to begin hotting it up with a lovely woman and says We'll make this a three-star interlude.

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February 05, 2003
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