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Columbia and NASA Stupidity · Quot­ing CNN: ...
DVD Player Stupidity · Like most peo­ple, we have a DVD play­er, we climbed on board the band­wag­on some­time in 2002. Un­like many who live in North Amer­i­ca, we have strong fam­i­ly ties to Ger­many and to Aus­trali­a, and have ac­quired DVDs from both places. Of course, we couldn't play them on the Sony DVD play­er be­cause the en­ter­tain­ment in­dus­try puts "region codes" on DVDs, di­vid­ing the world in­to six movie-viewing is­land­s. I am not go­ing to dig­ni­fy this id­io­cy by re­lay­ing their ra­tio­nale; re­al­ly just an­oth­er symp­tom of the brain dis­or­der af­fect­ing the in­dus­try that caus­es them to view their cus­tomers pri­mar­i­ly as thieves and abuser­s ...
Shattered in Spring · I was up on the lad­der rip­ping the climb­ing jas­mine out from be­tween the shin­gles where once a year it tries to bur­row. The gar­den, to be hon­est, looks ter­ri­ble this time of year, the sprin­kle of cro­cus­es and the hap­py moss notwith­stand­ing; shat­tered and beaten-up un­der a steel-grey sky ...
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