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Oxford Visuals · I went for a cou­ple days for the OED Sym­po­sium (about which I have a huge on­go­ing splodge in pro­gress) and of course took a cam­er­a ...
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XML in Oxford · That’s the XML Sum­mer School in Septem­ber at St. Ed­mund. I can’t make it, in part be­cause my wife is co-ordinating which means I do child-care. I’ve been to these and they’re to­tal­ly great, in­tense and in­ter­ac­tive and fo­cused; then you get to go drink­ing around Ox­ford in the evening. If you’re with­in reach and work with XML and want to up­grade your­self, I to­tal­ly rec­om­mend it.
The Bodleian · The big li­brary at Ox­ford is named af­ter its founder Thomas Bod­ley, whose admirably-short au­to­bi­og­ra­phy may be pur­chased in the gift shop. We had an ex­cel­lent guid­ed tour; here­with il­lus­trat­ed notes on the colour of fairy tales and the his­to­ry of cat­a­loging ...
Summer School · I’ll be spend­ing the week in Ox­ford, par­tic­i­pat­ing in the CSW XML Sum­mer School, held at Wad­ham Col­lege. Osten­si­bly I’m here to lec­ture, but my re­al ob­jec­tive is to do a quick catch-up on what the XML ap­pli­ca­tion space looks like in A.D. 2005. My on­ly re­al gripe is that my ses­sion is sched­uled op­po­site XML in Health­care, which I’d re­al­ly like to at­tend. Ox­ford is ridicu­lous­ly pho­to­genic, I’ve in­clud­ed a cou­ple of snaps of Wad­ham ...
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