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Horopito · It’s a place near the center of New Zealand’s North Island; we spent the last Christmas of the decade there. It’s considered remote in NZ which I guess makes it doubly so in the wider world. Unless you’re planning southern-hemisphere skiing you’re unlikely to go near it, so I felt words and pictures worth sharing ...
Trees With Names · This is the end of stories and pictures from New Zealand. It’s green there; grasses and shrubs of course, but especially trees and trees and trees. Some have names; individual trees I mean, not species ...
NZ Garden Waters · Three more pretty pictures which, as I keep saying, are easy to find in New Zealand. Thanks are due to Hamilton Gardens and, surprisingly, to the Ingress community — yes, that augmented-reality game that I’m still playing, two years later ...
NZ Eye Candy · I have a few more pictures I want to run and most have stories wrapped round them. These don’t; except I guess the larger narrative about New Zealand being exeptionally pretty, and a nice place to visit. I suppose we could pick up and move there; the subject’s come up at the dinner table ...
NZ Phonescapes · Turns out all the shots-worth-keeping from my phone were landscapes. So here are three. Also a pronunciation lesson for Americans ...
NZ Birds · I don’t do much wildlife, and I don’t shoot animals in captivity, and I don’t publish blurry pictures. Let’s break all those rules. Oh, and Terry Pratchett too ...
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Narrow Road, Deep North · 
The last parking lot
in Aotearoa:
fall cyclone fluting.
Māori Snapshots · The Māori people, who arrived in what they call Aotearoa in 1300 or so, have since the 1600s been sharing the islands with New Zealanders of Euro-extraction, for example my wife and children. They and their culture are definitely part of the package a tourist like myself sees and photographs ...
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Auckland · I sure enjoyed visiting it but I’m not sure I’d want to live there. Green, maritime, rounded, not obviously scalable. With back story and of course pictures ...
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That Cricket Match · I spent many hours last Tuesday in Auckland watching the Cricket World Cup semifinal between South Africa and New Zealand. It was insanely intense. I will probably spend most of Saturday night up watching the final. Herewith words and pictures, including a bit of overview for us New-Worlders to whom cricket is (mostly) foreign ...
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