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Two From Mexico City · I was sorting through back photos and ran across a couple I wanted to share; they have nothing in common aside from having been taken in Mexico City when I was there in August ...
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D.F. From Above · The letters stand for Distrito Federal which is (using Wikipedia’s felicitous adjective) “coterminous” with Ciudad de México or what we’d call Mexico City. I’m really fond of it ...
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Museo Nacional de Antropología · The one in Mexico City, I mean; National Museum of Anthropology en Inglés. They arranged a walk-through for us after closing time and let us take pictures; here are a few. Warning: kind of sad ...
Upcoming Gig: Tech Days Mexico City · I’ve only visited Mexico once, for a few days fifteen years ago, and loved it. I’m totally looking forward to appearing at Sun Tech Days Ciudad de México, May 21-23. I enjoy these events; they draw a young, eager, refreshing crowd.
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