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Bye-bye Haida Gwaii · I’m down to my last few pic­tures and sto­ries from our Ju­ly va­ca­tion in Hai­da Gwaii and Gwaii Haanas ...
Ninstints and Koyah · On the sec­ond day of our Hai­da Gwaii ex­cur­sion, our long morn­ing Zo­di­ac stage start­ed just out­side the park (the green zone on this map), head­ed through in­te­ri­or chan­nels and then out in­to the He­cate Strait around the bot­tom right of Mores­by Is­land, where we saw the seals and whales pic­tured pre­vi­ous­ly here, then turn­ing west along the bot­tom of Mores­by through the Hous­ton Ste­wart Chan­nel and end­ing up at the place you can see marked “Ninstints” near the bot­tom cen­ter of the map. It has sev­er­al oth­er names but to the lo­cals it’s SG̱ang Gwaay Llana­gaay; they drop the third word so it sounds like Sgang­way. The place is among the most amaz­ing I’ve vis­it­ed ...
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Photographing Haida Gwaii · The pho­to­graph­ic land­scape is shift­ing un­der us. I took four lens­es to Hai­da Gwai­i, as­sum­ing you count the Pix­el 2 as one of them, and you should; that’s the land­scape shift. The “real” lens­es: ...
How To Visit Haida Gwaii · It looks re­mote on the map and it is, but it’s not that hard to get to. The big rea­son to go is Gwaii Haanas, the huge south­ern Canada/Haida-Nation park. It is re­al­ly hard to get to and, since it’s a large ex­panse of rocky is­land­s, hard to get around in. But you can do it ...
T'aanuu ll­na­gaay · On Fri­day Ju­ly 13th I was sit­ting un­der trees look­ing at the ocean and I thought “This is maybe the nicest place I’ve ev­er been.” The beach was at Tanu (T'aanuu ll­na­gaay in the Hai­da lan­guage), which is here. In front of me, the He­cate Strait, much hat­ed by West Coast mariner­s. Be­hind me, the old Hai­da vil­lage site, with in­ter­est­ing me­men­to mori: a mass grave of fifty or so small­pox vic­tim­s, and the beau­ti­ful mod­ern grave­stone of Bill Reid. Flow­ing over me, a breeze of what struck me as the fresh­est, cleanest, nicest air I have ev­er breathed. This was on the last day of our Hai­da Gwai­i, uh, let me see, I can hard­ly call it an ad­ven­ture af­ter all that. But it sort of was ...
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