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Mobile in Mainz · That would be MobileTech, a conference earlier this month in Mainz, a city near Frankfurt, famous for the Gutenberg legacy and not much else ...
Upcoming Gig — Mobile Tech · That’s MobileTech Conference in full, a new conference in Mainz, about which I know nothing except for it’s near Frankfurt. It’s by the same people who do the well-known “JAX” conference series all over Germany. September 6-8; notable for being my first keynote appearance on behalf of my new Android day job.
Frankfurt Verticals · This week I saw quite a bit of Frankfurt and for some reason all the interesting pictures were of tall things ...
München · That local spelling is nicer than the ugly English “Munich”; the even uglier airport code is MUC. It’s a rich, shiny, gleaming place ...
Domestic Nürnberg · Lauren was away on business for two weeks and managed to get in a few days' vacation in Germany, where she used to live. She took lots of photos, including a few heroic shots of the reconstruction of Berlin. But a couple of domestic shots around Nürnberg (what we'd call Nuremberg) were the ones that I thought worth sharing ...
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