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RDF.net Is Expiring · January 6, 2006, to be precise. Should I renew it? Should I extend the RDF.net challenge? Might someone offer me a princely sum for it? [Now, really. -Ed.] [It’s a joke, OK? -T]. Suggestions?
DC Intel · Most places in the world, when you talk about “Intel” you’re talking about CPU chips. In Washington DC, that word is universally an abbreviation for Intelligence, as in three-letter agencies, spooks, and so on. A couple of weeks ago I was invited to an all-day meeting of the Intelligence Community Metadata Working Group (ICMWG) out in Virginia, one of my more interesting outings of 2003. Herewith some personal notes on the notion of spying and a look at what may be the world’s biggest and hardest metadata problem, with some remarks on the application of RDF ...
Semantic Web: Gripes and A Way Forward · I got a really excellent letter from Mark Butler of HP, provoked by my RDF.net Challenge and the ensuing conversation. A pointer to his thoughts and one suggested way forward for the S.W ...
RDF Challenge - Entry #1 · From Dick McCullough, the first hat thrown into the RDF.net challenge ring: MKE, the McCullough Knowledge Explorer. Summary: no, not even close ...
The RDF Conversation · The RDFnik community is not that large, but it's dynamic. My RDF.net essaylet from yesterday provoked a real flurry of commentary in other blogs and of incoming correspondence. Herein I address a few of the correspondents' issues and go fairly deep on some thoughts provoked by Sjoerd Visscher. (Warning: this last bit will be of interest only to the most deranged fringe of markup pedants.) ...
The RDF.net Challenge · I've owned the domain name RDF.net for years, but never done anything with it. This was kicked into the front of my consciousness today by an entertaining bolt from the blue. Herewith some general notes on RDF, its history and prospects, and a Grand Challenge to the RDF community: I'll give RDF.net to whoever builds the first application that deserves it ...
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