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More Ubuntu · Just a scratchpad for my further Ubuntu-experience notes. So far: “locate”, Emacs, Thunderbird, Firefox, function keys, windows vs. apps, menu placement, hibernate, and X keyboard mappings ...
Linuxfest · I agreed to speak at Linuxfest Northwest and so drove down to Bellingham and back today. It’s about an hour, except for this Saturday morning it seemed like every other Canadian had that U.S. urge so I sat for 90 minutes in a line of cars at the border. Anyhow, the event was terrific. Simon Phipps has written eloquently of marketing values leeching the life out of some Linux events; but not this one ...
What Do “GNU” and “Linux” Mean? · These few days of working with the Nexenta GNU/Solaris distro have shaken my assumptions. Richard Stallman has repeatedly pointed out that Linux should be called “GNU/Linux”. I think he’s right, but it’s an unlovely and unwieldy mouthful; Like many people, I’m guilty of just saying “Linux”. Unfortunately, that word has come to mean different things to different people, and the landscape is shifting underneath us. I think we need to get our terminology straight. And what was it that GNU stood for, again? ...
debian GNU/Solaris · Everyone’s posting their GNU/Solaris screenshots, so I will too. Here it is, courtesy of a LiveCD ISO from Nexenta. I don’t know if there’s a way to get screenshot of the Gnome startup splash screen, so I just whipped out my pocket camera and took a few snaps. This, I firmly believe, is the future of Solaris (er, except for I [blush] kinda lean to KDE myself; but you get the idea) ...
An Evening With Bonnie · Like almost everyone, I have a long list of things that I regret not having done, and mine includes writing a Unix filesystem. So instead, I measure ’em, with the help of my old friend Bonnie. I just spent some time addressing the question: “How much does FileVault slow down a Macintosh?” And turned up a couple other interesting results, too, including a fairly startling three-way OS X/Linux/Solaris comparison. [Update: Many readers write on the subject of Linux and hdparm(8).] ...
Linux to Solaris Diary · On February 25, 2005, I undertook to transfer a nontrivial software development/deployment setup from OS X and Linux to Solaris 10. I have lots of old Unix and recent Linux experience, but none with Solaris. This entry will serve as the permanent home for my technical diary documenting the learning process, which I shall update in-place. [Updated: New sections on docs.sun.com, NFS, and, believe it or not, %.] ...
DME on OS Choices · Dave Edmondson says smart things about non-Microsoft OSes for everybody, using an everyday problem (gee, this PC has a nice screen, can I plug it into the Playstation?) to focus his thinking.
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