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Google + 1yr · As of this mon­th, I’ve been an ex-Googler for a year. Some­times I miss it, but my rearview-mirror feel­ings are mixed ...
Glass Questions · At Google in gen­er­al and IO in par­tic­u­lar, there are a whole lot of Glass­wear­ers, and there’s a smat­ter­ing here at Glue­con where I’m writ­ing this. I don’t own a pair (it’s tough to give them to Cana­di­ans for le­gal rea­son­s) but have had a few look­s, and am used to be­ing in a room with them. So, a few things seem ob­vi­ous ...
Gonna Hang Out · There’s this no­tion of a “Google+ Event”, which com­bines G+, YouTube, and Moder­a­tor; it’s try­ing to be a new way to do an on­line con­ver­sa­tion. Some of the out­reach peo­ple at Google (i.e. in jobs like mine) are go­ing on the road a lot less and Event­ing a lot more, these days. So I’m go­ing to try it to­mor­row (Thurs­day): Life, Iden­ti­ty, and Every­thing ...
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Now A No-Evil Zone · As of this morn­ing I work for Google. The ti­tle is “Developer Advocate”. The fo­cus is An­droid. Fun is ex­pect­ed ...
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