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Vision 1993 · I’ve plowed through the first wave of AVP (Apple Vision Pro) reviews, and it seems pretty obvious that, at the current price and form factor, it’s not gonna be a best-seller. But I remain a strong believer in Augmented Reality (the AVP is VR not AR, for the moment). As I was diving into the reviews, a little voice in the back of my head kept saying “I once read about what this is trying to be.” ...
AR Vision · “AR”, as in Augmented Reality. “Vision”, as in not what Apple’s selling. It’s been a decade now that I’ve thought that AR will be a next Really Big Thing, once the technology to build it is here (which it isn’t). Since Meta and Apple and plenty of startups are muddying the waters around what AR might mean, here’s a vision of the AR mid-game. Not the end-game, since that’s unimaginable, but still a long way out from here ...
Teaching Glass · Teaching, as in I have a Visiting-Professor gig this summer at the Centre for Digital Media. Glass as in Google Glass; I’m advising a group trying to drive an interactive documentary (someone said “walkumentary”) with wearable tech. There are six grad students with expertise in programming, animation, photography, film, and audio, and they’ve got fourteen weeks to see what they can make. Should be fun ...
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