I bought Sinéad O’Connor’s debut, The Lion and the Cobra, because Mandinko was on the radio and I liked it. The first time I played it, not having looked at the track listing, I noticed some meditative crooning about “Dublin in a Rainstorm”; the next time, a gut-grabbing throaty chant: “You should have left the lights on”; and then another time a howling declaration about rising, a phoenix from the flame. It took me a while to notice that all of these were from the same track: Troy. It’s a hell of a song.

It’s a hell of an album too; other highlights are Never Get Old and A Drink Before the War, which inspired me to a grief-stricken piece on the eve of the Iraq war. O’Connor recorded and produced on her own, twenty years old and seven months pregnant, on the way out of an abusive family. It’s an explosion of talent, songwriting and singing and arranging.

The word “Troy”, and the lyric about burning it, are a borrow from Yeats’ No Second Troy, which I hadn’t known until I chanced across the poem. I opined once that Sinéad ought to have thrown poor W.B. a credit and an Irish Friend said “it’d be superfluous, every Irish schoolkid has to learn that poem”.

This is one of the great vocal performances ever recorded by anybody, sung in a dozen different voices it seems; hard to believe that so young a throat could cover this range, or so young a mind write this song.

Sinéad’s had some seriously rough patches in her life and it’s hard for her to be happy. She doesn’t owe the world anything, but the world owes her a lot, just for this one song.

This is part of the Song of the Day series (background).

Links · iTunes, Amazon, Spotify. Now, before the video links, a word of caution: These performances are almost unbearably intense, and I think will be uncomfortable for some to watch. That said, most explosive, really scary, most polished (with a bit of sing-along).


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From: Chris Lindley (Jan 10 2018, at 03:02)

I've been recently listening to "How about I be me (and you be you)". A dammed fine album. I've not listened to "the Lion and the Cobra" for some time. So thank you for the reminder. Your post also vaguely reminded me of brilliant live recoding she did of "Just like you said it would be" on some UK music programme. I googled it and it was on the "the old Grey Whistle test. Back then it was on some shitty VHS tape recording that is probably still up in the loft. Oh praise the lord for You Tube and my growing up music! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlsY6KnZwr8


From: Dermot (Jan 10 2018, at 06:37)

Mandinka was my first love too. Really interesting (and gossipy) backgrounder on the production of the second album: https://www.soundonsound.com/people/sinead-oconnor-nothing-compares-2-u


From: Kevin Spencer (Jan 10 2018, at 07:00)

It’s a solid album that’s held up well. Along with Mandinka, Jerusalem a fave of mine as well.


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