Hm, it dawns on me that I should also be aggregating my Google+ posts into these weeklies.

Week ending Sunday 2011/10/16

Monday 09:42 · Hey there US, Canadians are Giving Thanks this weekend and can be expected to be unresponsive. #probablyWorkingSomeAnyhow [Original.]

Monday 11:11 · Occupying Wall Street: [Original.]

Monday 11:40 · Appleistas all saying any handset bigger than 3.5" is too big, any tablet smaller than 10" too small. #seemsfarfetched [Original.]

Monday 15:17 · @gruber My heart is still with the 7" form factor, and my tastes are usually pretty mainstream. That's a smaller iPad, right? [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Monday 15:25 · @theory My original 7" Galaxy Tab is a superb phone. [Original, responding to @theory.]

Monday 15:48 · @jsnell That's what I think. But I think other sizes are also interesting. [Original, responding to @jsnell.]

Monday 16:43 · @marcoarment Was thinking of enthusiasts not writers, but "-ista" feels neutral to me. I'm an Androidista and a Pentaxista, etc. [Original, responding to @marcoarment.]

Monday 19:20 · @dcurtis Doesn't that usually take 9? [Original, responding to @dcurtis.]

Monday 20:16 · @willsnow Those old-fashioned TCP sockets or the new-hotness WebSocket sockets? [Original, responding to @willsnow.]

Tuesday 17:34 · @kayakero I don't have one; I've been thinking of getting a Katz Eye. I get good focus when I take enough time. [Original, responding to @kayakero.]

Tuesday 17:55 · Tonight at the Biltmore: Boris! [Original.]

Tuesday 20:01 · Further evidence of the fast-diminishing chances of a two-state solution: [Original.]

Tuesday 20:19 · @nelson If you want to build Android, you have to make a case-sensitive filesystem to put it on :) [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Tuesday 23:12 · Boris [Original.]

Wednesday 12:33 · People dress funny. [Original.]

Wednesday 17:19 · That feeling when you spend time chasing a weird bug then realize your program is correct, your test is stupid & wrong. [Original.]

Wednesday 19:32 · dmr RIP :( [Original.]

Wednesday 19:33 · @al3x Wrong [Original, responding to @al3x.]

Wednesday 19:58 · DMR, 1941—2011: [Original.]

Wednesday 20:19 · Don't like writing 2 obituaries in one week. [Original.]

Wednesday 20:44 · It’s probably essentially impossible to explain to civilians how much dmr’s work mattered and matters. #dmr [Original.]

Wednesday 21:45 · You could observe “The so-called ‘golden ratio’ is overblown.” Or you could invest 10,775 words in making the point: [Original.]

Thursday 00:39 · Dropped some pix into Boris’ Wikipedia entry: [Original.]

Thursday 09:44 · Over at my dmr obit has 7 times more +1’s that my sjobs obit. Just sayin [Original.]

Thursday 09:47 · My commenters are usually smart, but a few are super-ignorant. Null-termination was good enough for Unix, Linux, Apache, vi, etc etc [Original.]

Thursday 10:02 · I wrote about character strings 8 years ago: [Original.]

Thursday 11:01 · @kk Consider and [Original, responding to @kk.]

Thursday 11:01 · @harveybetty Unix of course. VAXen ran it just great. [Original, responding to @harveybetty.]

Thursday 11:43 · @joehewitt No, that's a *duty*. [Original, responding to @joehewitt.]

Thursday 12:43 · Interview with @crazybob includes assertion that Rails shops must use JRuby to scale. Hmm… [Original.]

Thursday 15:57 · Another truck pulls up in front of that building at the Googleplex: [Original.]

Thursday 15:59 · Oh, and look. There’s an a new Twitter account: @Android [Original.]

Thursday 17:36 · @reiver d'oh [Original, responding to @reiver.]

Thursday 18:31 · Trying to find a principled reason to cheer for either Brewers or Cardinals. [Original.]

Thursday 18:31 · @mezzoblue Yes please [Original, responding to @mezzoblue.]

Thursday 19:51 · “@bjfresh: And, you know, La Russa's a a Tea Party guy.” That does it; Go Brewers! [Original.]

Friday 00:09 · @hfiguiere Wrong way on Nelson?! OK, I admit it, I'm impressed. Failed to remove self from gene pool though. [Original, responding to @hfiguiere.]

Friday 09:34 · Music That Matters: (with pretty pix) [Original.]

Friday 12:45 · Florian Mueller is being paid by Microsoft. Imagine my lack of surprise. [Original.]

Friday 13:35 · #followfriday: [Original.]

Friday 17:34 · Wikimedia commons always pestering me to categorize pix I've uploaded. I'm highly unconvinced of the benefit, and it's work. [Original.]

Saturday 14:19 · Wonderful piece by Jean-Baptiste Queru about the frightening depth of the technology stack: [Original.]

Saturday 17:18 · Hey @gruber, thought you said Dubya owned the Rangers… Wikipedia disagrees, are they wrong? [Original.]

Saturday 23:10 · My first exposure to a G+ stream. Works well. So does a Twitter stream. But they're different. [Original.]

Saturday 23:38 · Sad flower pictures: [Original.]

Sunday 15:12 · @acoyne Really, lighter bank regulation here than in US? Very much counter to conventional wisdom. Why were ours more resilient then? [Original, responding to @acoyne.]

Sunday 15:47 · @acoyne You should write this up, if you haven't already. Cdns have rosy-hued vision of ourselves having optimal bank regulation [Original, responding to @acoyne.]

Sunday 18:09 · This baseball game is enjoyable but ludicrous. [Original.]

Sunday 21:03 · Thinking Texas will probably chew the Cards up without too much fuss. [Original.]

Sunday 22:37 · My Kiwi namesake is putting on what looks like a hell of a children's-theatre show: I *love* Hairy Maclary [Original.]

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