I’d typed the first letter of some URL into the address window when I was interrupted. Looking back a moment later, I was startled at what the browser had assumed I wanted to visit.

So here are my A,B,C browser guesses, which I suspect say something about me. What are yours?

[A]ndroid Developers Blog. Not surprising, I edit it.

[B]eilby Fine Arts; one of my PDML colleagues recently posted a “PESO” (see PDML + Twitter) here that I checked out.

[C]IBC, my bank; it used to stand for “Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce”. How quaint.

[D]aring Fireball. Yeah, I disagree with John’s findings regularly, and he’s mean-spirited about Android when he gets a chance. But he tracks our primary competitor as well as anyone and is funnier than most, which is an important virtue.

Al-Jazeera [E]nglish. The freshest coverage, by far, of a part of the world I care deeply about.

[F]acebook. Unavoidable.

[G]oogle. Even more unavoidable.

[H]itcric.info. Recently I asked online if there were anywhere to watch a live stream of the Cricket World Cup, and was directed here. I’m sure they pay careful attention to all the required licensing formalities, or they wouldn’t be allowed on the Internet, would they?

[I]CNA Relief USA. Some sort of Muslim charitable organization, of which I know almost nothing except that they were featured in this horrifying video of a protest at one of their events so I went there for a look.

[J]ohn’s Phone. Gotta love it.

[K]ikiriki. ¡Los Mejores Pollos a la Brasa! Actually, I’d been searching for a nice restaurant of the same name we’d eaten at in Barcelona.

[l]ocalhost. Hey, I’m a Web geek. I bet that so are a lot of my readers, and something interesting will happen when they click on that link. But don’t feel bad if you do and it doesn’t.

Android [M]arket. So much better than it was at the beginning of the year.

[N]ew York Times. Mainstream but hanging in there.

[O]fficial Royal Wedding. Because it was Buzzed around inside Google as an example of what you can do with App Engine.

Google [P]rofiles. A way to own part of what turns up when people search for you. They just launched an update I was looking at. I have one and you can too.

[Q]54WO.png. This is a benchmark I guess I must have been reading about, in which something or other is established about a Nexus One running Froyo.

[R]ui Carmo Uses This. I always read The Setup, although the litany of Macintoshes has begun to pall a bit. I was there once.

[S]ock Summit 2011. It’ll be at the Oregon Convention center in parallel with OSCON this year, and it’s big. You might want to book your hotel early.

[t]bray.org. Where you now are.

[U]niserve. The ISP we use at home. It’s probably not a good sign when your ISP’s home page is in your browser memory, because you’re generally not in touch with them when things are working just fine.

The [V]ancouver Sun. Our local paper; it’s not terrible.

[W]arren Ellis’ joint. It broke my heart that I missed Grinderman’s recent Vancouver gig, but I totally recommend Mr Ellis’ recent outing with Mr Cave, White Lunar. Also, his tweetstream turns up some eye-opening links.

[X]KCD. Well, of course.

[Y]ouTube. No apologies, it’s a wonderful thing on balance.

[Z]ero Hedge. Don’t know much about this and am not a regular; a recent highly-entertaining piece about egregious financial chicanery linked over here.


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From: mark hibberd (Mar 04 2011, at 02:08)

Different Warren Ellis perhaps. Aussie musician vs comic book author.


From: Paul Morriss (Mar 04 2011, at 07:17)

What are mine?

Here: http://manypies.paulmorriss.com/2011/03/letter-sweep.html


From: Dan (Mar 04 2011, at 07:24)

Warren Ellis, the British comic book writer, is a totally different guy from Warren Ellis, the Australian musician, even though they both have beards.


From: Paolo Barone (Mar 04 2011, at 07:45)

Do you have a private and a work PC? In this case, are the lists different?

Very interesting exercise, I'll pit together my own lists too :)


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