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2008 Prediction 1: RIA vs. AJAX · What hap­pened was, a sud­den email from Sun PR went around about fif­teen min­utes to Christ­mas say­ing “SYS-CON wants pre­dic­tions for 2008; right now would be good.” It hap­pened that I was in the mid­dle of do­ing three months and ten trips’ worth of ex­pens­es, thus bored out of my mind, thus hap­py to prog­nos­ti­cate. I gave them five, but, giv­en the ur­gen­cy, not much more than sound-bites. I think each of them is worth a lit­tle ex­e­ge­sis ...
Now That’s a Patch · I re­fer to Sam Ruby’s mas­sive patch to make REXML work prop­er­ly with the lat­est Ruby. I’ve long dis­liked REXML (see here and here), but it’s here and it work­s. On­ly the way it works changed in 1.9, and there were some hor­ri­ble re­gres­sion­s, and it gets patched very slow­ly. (I’m ac­tu­al­ly won­der­ing why Ru­by needs to have a weird regex-based pars­er when Ex­pat is plen­ty good enough for Perl and Python, and in fact if you look at xml­parser.rb, you can switch parser­s, just as Nick Sieger has done for JRu­by with JREXML. But I di­gress.) In the short ter­m, we need to see if the REXML main­tain­ers are re­spon­sive to Sam’s patch.
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