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No Leopard · Not for me, for a while anyhow. It turns out that Lightroom has difficulties, and not only is Java 6 missing, apparently Java 5 is damaged. The two highest-value programs I run on this puppy are NetBeans and Lightroom, so this kind of hits me where I live. As it stands now, the Mac is generally speaking a superb server-side developers’ platform, because it’s Unix under the covers and because all the UI and housekeeping is decent and Just Works, not subtracting time from what matters. But you know, the largest single group of server-side software developers still lives in the Java world, and they won’t be going to Leopard until Leopard comes to them. Not, perhaps, a big demographic. But an influential one I think. [Update: I’ve seen several contributions, for example this from Adrian Sutton, saying that Java 5 on Leopard is just fine, thank you. That’s a relief.]
上海: Shanghai City Temple · It’s near the famous Yuyuan Garden, in the shopping district that surrounds it. “It’s Old Shanghai” Doris said of the area, and she was right ...
WF XI: Results · This is the eleventh progress report from the Wide Finder Project; I’ll use it as the results accumulator, updating it in place even if I go on to write more on the subject, which seems very likely. [Update: Your new leader: Perl.] ...
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