That stands for “State of the Blogosphere”, a recurring multipart essay that Dave Sifry distills out of the Technorati numbers every five months or so; coincidentally, those numbers keep showing the space doubling in size every five months or so. The latest installment, tracking posting-volume growth, is in my opinion the interesting one. The number of blogs is interesting, but then quite a few are dead and quite a few more are spam; actual real postings are probably the closest thing we really have to a finger on the collective pulse. This piece talks about a posting volume around 900,000/day, and this morning I was chatting online with Dave and he says it’s hitting a million on weekdays. By the way, if you’re lecturing about this whole blogging thing, Dave’s graphics are a real good resource, ask him and he’ll probably be happy to have you use them. [Disclosure: I may or may not have a conflict of interest; read on for details.]

Disclosure · I am a friend of Technorati, have been for a while, given them lots of opinions & rants; they asked me to be on the Advisory Board and offered me some options. Sounds good, but I work for a public company and this kind of thing needs to be cleared through all sorts of legal and management sign-offs. The process has been going on for a year or so (partly my fault, I did the paperwork wrong first time through) and there are still two levels of approval required, and I have no idea if it’ll be forthcoming, so I have no idea if I actually have a conflict of interest here. There you go.

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August 03, 2005
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