It’s hard to pick a Bowie because, obviously, there were so many Bowies. One time my son and I, he then fifteen or so, were driving somewhere, and he asked me “Dad, who’s David Bowie?” and I said “A musician who…” then I was stuck. For me, there are really two big Bowie songs, Heroes and Ashes to Ashes, and while the former has more emotion, I think Ashes has more musical depth. Oh, yes, and This Is Not America, but that’s a niche taste.

Scary Monsters

I believe the full title is Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps).

I remember my then-wife bringing home Scary Monsters; at the time I was in a jazz&blues phase and would never have bought a Bowie record, deeming him too synthetic. But somehow I find myself putting on Ashes to Ashes over and over again, sometimes sitting up late after she’d gone to bed.

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Links · Spotify playlist. This tune on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes. Now as for live video, we’re in the period where Bowie was the most beautiful living human being, so these are a treat for the eyes. More feminine (with better photography and bass) vs more masculine (better dynamics).


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From: Tim Converse (Mar 07 2018, at 21:42)

I couldn't agree more. I've wrestled with "What is my favorite song?" and "What is my favorite Bowie song? and at times both have had the same answer, with caveats.

For me the big Bowie songs are a longer list than Heroes and Ashes to Ashes, and include Young Americans and several songs from ZIggy Stardust.

But Ashes to Ashes often tops the list of Bowie songs, for the same reason that it ends up tied for first on the specialized list of "Long, really complicated great rock songs". The winners on that list are:

1) A Day in the Life (Beatles)

1) Blood on the Tracks (Dylan)

1) Ashes to Ashes (Bowie)

For me, Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) marks Bowie's last great album. I'm lost from Let's Dance onward.


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