Normally I write Song of the Day a few days ahead, and today I woke up on Valentine’s day and realized that day’s “song” was symphonic stuff by Brahms, which is great but not perhaps the Language Of Love. To make up for that, I’ll send you all along a Happy Valentine’s for a few days back with a song that’s about nothing but love, by Nick Cave.

Nick Cave

Nick’s released a lot of good music over the years; this is off (sticking with the V-Day theme) Let Love In. It might be the album highlight but there are other gems too. Also, Do You Love Me appears twice, with a Part 2, which is enjoyable but I don’t think adds much. [Update: But, see the first comment below.] Anyhow, it’s a beautifully-architected song, with verbal, melodic, and guitar-riff hooks all mixed up tastefully, more than the sum of their parts.

There is controversy. I’ve never seen any #MeToo stories about him, but he’s certainly pissed off a few articulate women over the years. I think they have a point, and I’d like to hear him say something grown-up on the subject.

If you want some more on Nick, I wrote a a review of a 2014 concert with a couple of interesting pictures too.

Happy Valentine’s!

This is part of the Song of the Day series (background).

Links · Spotify playlist. This tune on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes; very decent live video.


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From: Michael (Feb 18 2018, at 02:38)

These are absolutely beautiful, haunting songs from one of, if not the, best Nick Cave albums, but...

part 1 is about an abusive marriage told from the point of view of the abuser. One can be forgiven for reading it otherwise, but then...

part 2 is explicitly about child abuse told from the point of view of the abused child (as remembered when he's an adult), and it's implied that that child abuse in part 2 is what led him to be an abuser as an adult in part 1.

Maybe the line "I don't think adds much" in ref to part 2 should tip me off that you're being sarcastic? I read some of your other SotDs and don't see any clear pattern of such, or that you'd expect all of your readers to be in on it if so.

Anyway, I'm sorry if this comes across as negative. I've read and enjoyed your blog for many years, and while I rarely comment on any blog, this seemed appropriate to point out. I hope I didn't misjudge.

I heartily recommend these songs and this album to everybody with a heart, soul, and brain... just not as Valentine's Day love songs.


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