What happened was, Shane & Ally asked us to a rooftop barbecue with views in every direction. Most of them featured cranes, and I don’t mean birds. And it would be unfair to omit the moon.

Looming over us was this crane complex, not unattractive at all.

Vancouver cranes, looking up

If it looks kind of grainy that’s because I’d fat-fingered the camera into shooting at ISO6400. But the X-T1 is sufficiently resilient that this (like many other of my photo-miscues) came out OK. Which is especially true when you shoot through the stupidly-good Fuji XF35mm.

But wait! There are more cranes and they’ve got the mountains behind them.

Vancouver harbour cranes and North Shore mountains

Immodest confession: This picture makes me happy. That has nothing to do with the photo-technique (Fuji XF55-200 and substantial Lightrooming). It’s because it captures at least a half-dozen really good reasons to live here in Vancouver, a thing I’m seriously invested in.

But wait! There’s something about that first crane, too… there’s our Moon, nestling in its angles.

Moon in crane

Or could Luna be perhaps sliding down steel ropes just for fun?

The moon and crane arm

I have another take on this shot without all the ISO6400 clutter — you can see Luna’s seas — but not as well framed.

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