I spent a week in Denmark, doing conferences and of course taking pictures. It’s not the most visually dramatic place but you can find good shots anywhere when you’re in tourist mode with fresh eyes.

It’s really hard to arrive in Copenhagen without going through the Central Station, which is very efficient. It’s not a standout among Europe’s steel-and-glass train temples, but they’re all fun to look at.

Inside Copenhagen’s Central Train Station

The city is kinda flat and grey and sensible; but there’s water everywhere and you gotta love that.

Copenhagen sunset

The “goto;” conference ran twice; Thursday-Friday in Copenhagen and then Monday-Tuesday in Aarhus; more or less the same speakers. (I’d like to say “Århus” but then I’d also have to say “København”.) We had the Saturday between off, and on a recommendation from Lauren I went a half-hour up the Elsinore train-line to the Louisiana Modern Art museum. The ride was fun and Louisiana’s location is dazzling, green terraces stepping slowly down to the ocean. Here are some Modern Europeans among the Modern Art.

Visitors to the Louisiana Modern Art Museum

The permanent collection is nice but mostly not really my kind of thing. But I liked the big installation piece, Riverbed by Olafur Eliasson; they took a whole wing of the museum and filled it two or three feet deep with black dirt and rocks and an actual little river running through; a piece of the Arctic, it felt like, right here where you could walk around on it, pick the rocks up, dip your fingers in the water, whatever.

A young woman enjoys Riverbed by Olafur Eliasson

On the Sunday they put the conference speakers on a four-hour bus trip to Aarhus. We stopped at Nyborg for a leg-stretch, where I found a couple of first-class Nordic Visual Cliches waiting for the camera.

Looking to see from Nyborg
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Orange berries at Nyborg

Aarhus itself is a sane little place; green, grey, and quiet, manifestly walkable. If you wanted to live in a small Scandinavian city you could do a lot worse. All my pictures are of the people at the conference except for this.

Tower in Aarhus

The last evening back in Copenhagen, we walked down the Strøget shopping street and some of its side alleys.

Not far from the Strøget in Copenhagen

It’s touristy but there’s a bit of honest buzz, and everybody likes bright lights on wet cobblestones.

Bright lights on wet cobblestones in Copenhagen

Trifork are the people who put on the shows, and they do a good job of it. Thanks to them for the invite and I could see going back sometime.


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From: Joshua Talley (Oct 01 2014, at 19:42)

I visit Denmark often for work (Grundfos, based in Bjerringbro). Aarhus and Silkeborg are my favorite cities in Jutland ("Jylland"). Alborg and Randers have nice spots, as does Viborg and Skagen.

We loved the Louisiana, too. The big museum in Aarhus is a great one, too.

We work with Trifork on a lot of our apps, too. Great company. Thanks for sharing!


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