Week ending Sunday 2014/08/31

Monday 13:44 · Temperate rain forest, it has a light like nowhere else: https://t.co/VHS9Of7jyV [Original.]

Monday 18:45 · @pelegri @snoopdave @DeirdreS @lskrocki Oh, you mean that good thing that Oracle erased from the Internet? [Original, responding to @pelegri.]

Monday 21:13 · “Containers as a Service (CaaS) Is the Cloud Operating System”: www.ibuildthecloud.com/blog/2014/08/19/containers-as-a-service-caas-is-the-cloud-operating-system/ [Original.]

Monday 21:25 · I always liked GCM, and now it has XMPP-based (!) messaging too. Hm… android-developers.blogspot.com/2014/08/powerful-new-messaging-features-with-gcm.html [Original.]

Tuesday 09:00 · RT @mattcutts: 'Note and vote' seems like a smart way to get better results from a group meeting: m.fastcodesign.com/3034772/innovation-by-design/note-and-vote-how-google-ventures-avoids-groupthink-in-meetings cc @jakek [Original.]

Tuesday 11:41 · Teenage kid about to dive into first programming course. Good basic text editor on OS X, or leap straight into mvim? [Original.]

Tuesday 11:52 · @bodil I’m with you spiritually. [Original, responding to @bodil.]

Tuesday 11:55 · Most mentioned so far: Atom, Sublime, TextWrangler. No clear leader. [Original.]

Tuesday 12:00 · . @tastapod Should have said: Python. [Original, responding to @tastapod.]

Tuesday 13:28 · Another developer-oriented 2-factor-auth product. Obviously a hot area: www.authentify.com/ @Authentify [Original.]

Tuesday 13:33 · Still more nasty stupid tech-culture sexism: www.blog.juliaferraioli.com/2014/08/do-you-even.html Don’t think this is happening around you? Listen harder. [Original.]

Tuesday 14:05 · @doriantaylor @SlackHQ more or less has this already. When you’re trying to sign on mobile it asks “should I just email you a code?” [Original, responding to @doriantaylor.]

Tuesday 14:08 · So, how do you have free-market prosperity & goodies without Uber-like behavior? Seriously. [Original.]

Tuesday 14:11 · The 10" tablet form factor is just a historical blip, like folio-size books. 7" is way better for day-to-day work/life. [Original.]

Tuesday 14:15 · @nathanperetic No, ~25" Retina, with a good keyboard. [Original, responding to @nathanperetic.]

Tuesday 14:21 · @carribeiro Assuming it runs MS Office *snickers* [Original, responding to @carribeiro.]

Tuesday 14:21 · @pkedrosky Well, they stopped giving money to ALEC. [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Tuesday 14:59 · @joncruz Not true in the slightest. I *live* in Emacs on the Mac, the native Cocoa build is terrific. [Original, responding to @joncruz.]

Tuesday 15:13 · @joncruz It’s not Terminal, it's a *native* build. See emacsformacosx.com/ [Original, responding to @joncruz.]

Tuesday 15:20 · “Mozilla Makes Asia Debut With $33 Smartphone in India.” If this thing works, it’ll have a huge impact: www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-08-25/mozilla-makes-asia-debut-with-33-smartphone-in-india.html [Original.]

Tuesday 18:29 · Cool short @Richard_Kadrey interview: www.powells.com/blog/qa/powells-qa-richard-kadrey-by-richard-kadrey/?utm_source=powellsbooks.news&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=powells_blog&utm_content=Richard%20Kadrey [Original.]

Tuesday 19:07 · @adymitruk Hm? [Original, responding to @adymitruk.]

Tuesday 19:11 · @adymitruk Because he’s got a hand-me-down mac. He’s not terribly geeky. [Original, responding to @adymitruk.]

Tuesday 19:26 · Just finished “Unspeakable Things” by @PennyRed; It’s good! Trying to summon up courage to write about it. Dangerous territory… [Original.]

Tuesday 20:38 · Looks like if DANE takes off it could route neatly around a lot of the pain/breakage in the CA biz: www.internetsociety.org/articles/dane-taking-tls-authentication-next-level-using-dnssec [Original.]

Tuesday 20:47 · Via @samruby - https://t.co/i40Mt4CUZi [Thoughts on Rack.next] [Original.]

Tuesday 20:48 · @onaclov2000 Well yeah, but if all of a sudden there are a half-billion customers… [Original, responding to @onaclov2000.]

Tuesday 23:17 · @TheGavinFisher @BrentToderian We can forgive them saying the Burrard bridge crosses a river. [Original, responding to @TheGavinFisher.]

Wednesday 08:17 · @romainguy Pacific Rim was excellent; more stylish than the next 10 Kaiju flicks combined. [Original, responding to @romainguy.]

Wednesday 08:20 · Morning pick-me-up: A nice cup of coffee and [Original.]

Wednesday 09:05 · @pphaneuf At least in the DNS space, you know who’s authoritative for a domain. CAs can write certs for anything. Feels like a win. [Original, responding to @pphaneuf.]

Wednesday 09:57 · RT @noirinp: Possibly the greatest cowboy movie ever :-) (TW for racism, and *deeply* NSFW) https://t.co/uggNefitlC (6m46s) [Original.]

Wednesday 12:10 · RT @newscientist: Image of Schrödinger's cat made with entangled photons. Object was never directly photographed www.newscientist.com/article/dn26111-schrodingers-cat-caught-on-quantum-film.html#.U_4kz_ldXIY htt… [Original.]

Wednesday 12:25 · Twitter accounts that make you shudder: "GrowthHackers SEO". [Original.]

Wednesday 12:36 · The things that will last on the internet: inessential.com/2014/08/27/waffle_on_social_media [Original.]

Wednesday 14:43 · @Stv Huh, using dropbox for that never occurred to me. I rsync back & forth. [Original, responding to @Stv.]

Wednesday 14:54 · @BWJones I’m also a champion upgrade-wheedler [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Thursday 10:18 · On Jack White’s recent recordings, and 320K MP3 vs vinyl: https://t.co/f6swHcH9Ui [Original.]

Thursday 11:11 · @Stv yep. Taking my 15-year-old [Original, responding to @Stv.]

Thursday 19:42 · Waiting for Mr. White. [Original.]

Friday 09:15 · OpenKeychain 2.8 is out, check out the video: www.openkeychain.org/openkeychain-2-8/ … Strong crypto slowly becoming very nearly civilian-ready. [Original.]

Friday 09:26 · SLaaS: www.setlist.fm/setlist/jack-white/2014/deer-lake-park-burnaby-bc-canada-1bce6d90.html [Original.]

Friday 12:08 · Jack White show notes: https://t.co/KfLu0TgFZH [Original.]

Friday 14:21 · @CJLaing It kind of relies on Android sharing/intent mechanisms. [Original, responding to @CJLaing.]

Friday 14:22 · @CJLaing Also, lots of us won't code for a platform where the owner gets to say what's allowed to run. [Original, responding to @CJLaing.]

Friday 14:39 · @CJLaing Dunno. It offends me and I'm old enough to have some trust in my reactions at that level. [Original, responding to @CJLaing.]

Friday 15:25 · @CJLaing Well, if they sell a few :) [Original, responding to @CJLaing.]

Friday 16:17 · RT @ruzwana: The most important article I've ever written. I hope it can make a difference. www.theguardian.com/society/2014/aug/29/-sp-untold-story-culture-of-shame-ruzwana-bashir [Original.]

Friday 19:09 · @disconnectme Where can I read what Disconnect Mobile actually does? Can I get it from your web site? [Original, responding to @disconnectme.]

Friday 21:11 · @dhh Redwood City tanks necessary for roving packs of Oracle salesguys who missed their target. [Original, responding to @dhh.]

Friday 21:32 · Compare Google Maps, OSM, and Bing maps using tools.geofabrik.de/mc/ [Original.]

Friday 21:59 · Dancing with beer; a truly useful invention: themetapicture.com/mans-greatest-invention/ [Original.]

Saturday 20:26 · Someone shook black pepper onto the sky. [Original.]

Saturday 21:45 · Pretty decent smack-down on Beats/Dre by @MKBHD: https://t.co/xWjkmjLX2U [Original.]

Saturday 22:39 · @colbycosh Dunno about that, try these interviews: https://t.co/Yb5kSnBBML [Original, responding to @colbycosh.]

Sunday 09:38 · Got yer hockeyphile/politics-mashup Putin smackdown right here: www.economist.com/blogs/democracyinamerica/2014/08/censorship-russia-and-america [Original.]

Sunday 09:46 · "We really need an Emacs for the modern age." - Gilad Bracha gbracha.blogspot.ca/2014/08/taking-it-to-themacs.html [Original.]

Sunday 11:28 · @marcoskirsch @codinghorror Phil said it, I reported it, someone else added on the “off-by-one”. [Original, responding to @marcoskirsch.]

Sunday 11:30 · Yet another private-messaging service: https://t.co/VF4TNJAtcX [haven’t checked it out seriously.] [Original.]

Sunday 11:40 · RT @steveklabnik: @timbray www.thoughtcrime.org/blog/telegram-crypto-challenge/ etc :/ [Moxie disses Telegram] [Original.]

Sunday 11:49 · TextSecure is excellent, been my default SMS client for a while now: https://t.co/1mxKDDLuu7 [Original.]

Sunday 11:57 · @brucel Cutest movie ever. [Original, responding to @brucel.]

Sunday 12:01 · Looks like a pretty cool device. Needs to be cheaper [currently $50]: www.yubico.com/products/yubikey-hardware/yubikey-neo/ [Original.]

Sunday 15:45 · . @siracusa Sad… Apple employees aren’t allowed independent public voices, and I’ll miss @anandshimpi’s. [Original, responding to @siracusa.]

Sunday 16:08 · There’s just no two-state option: www.nytimes.com/2014/09/01/world/middleeast/israel-claims-nearly-1000-acres-of-west-bank-land-near-bethlehem.html?_r=0 Have Israelis really thought through what a one-state future looks like? [Original.]

Sunday 16:26 · @pjenvey Seems like a smart guy. [Original, responding to @pjenvey.]

Sunday 20:33 · @mjasay Pretty good. [Original, responding to @mjasay.]

Sunday 20:40 · @Richard_Kadrey noted 3 typos in GG, is there an email at the publisher or somewhere? [Original, responding to @Richard_Kadrey.]

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