Week ending Sunday 2014/08/10

Monday 00:02 · Astonishing, lucid narrative of how lies and stupidity got Israel & Hamas into a war neither wanted: forward.com/articles/201764/how-politics-and-lies-triggered-an-unintended-war/ [Original.]

Monday 00:36 · Hold on a sec… “Studio Ghibli Is Not Dead Yet”: kotaku.com/studio-ghibli-is-not-dead-yet-1615520289 [Original.]

Monday 08:51 · In which I strap various lenses on my Fujifilm & shoot a sunset, an eaglet & a portrait: https://t.co/HK6IjI3Thh [Original.]

Monday 16:20 · It’s cute, before opening a 25MB XML file, Emacs says “It’s big, are you sure?” then takes like 0.3 seconds to load it. [Original.]

Tuesday 08:54 · Maybe you should get legal advice: https://t.co/iLiYGJYMd7 [Original.]

Tuesday 13:55 · @shanselman So, is Satanism for you? [Original, responding to @shanselman.]

Tuesday 21:31 · Apparently Xi Jinping thinks people join the Party for reasons other than wanting to get rich… odd. www.scmp.com/news/china/article/1567026/xis-shockingly-harsh-politburo-speech-signals-tensions-over-anti-graft [Original.]

Tuesday 21:34 · @pmarca Front page bullets of that Credit Suisse doc are straight outta Picketty. [Original, responding to @pmarca.]

Tuesday 21:36 · Front page of Credit Suisse capital-allocation analysis is oddly Piketty-flavored: https://t.co/FMBNz5FB0o [Original.]

Tuesday 21:54 · @Bill_Gross those are phone booths not offices. For when you need a door that closes. [Original, responding to @Bill_Gross.]

Tuesday 23:19 · RT @BorrowLenses: Which camera is going to get the better shot?! [Original.]

Wednesday 00:09 · Sitting up late listening to Jarrett’s “Köln Concert”; most people younger than me, which means most people, sadly don’t know it. [Original.]

Wednesday 00:10 · RT @pickover: He finally did it! [Original.]

Wednesday 00:11 · @drbrain Insist on a tower bedroom. [Original, responding to @drbrain.]

Wednesday 00:21 · @azkthebeatmaker Sure, link please. No promises. [Original, responding to @azkthebeatmaker.]

Wednesday 09:07 · “Cibola Burn” is the latest in the “Expanse” Space-Opera franchise, and it’s pretty good: https://t.co/BowFt1gkBT [Original.]

Wednesday 22:13 · These kids the teams have in centre field are pretty good. [Original.]

Wednesday 22:16 · @JakeWharton The m/s-prefix convention is pretty lightweight & harmless; a little unfair to say “Hungarian” which got way out of control. [Original, responding to @JakeWharton.]

Wednesday 23:12 · Smiling ear to ear; this is unambiguously wonderful: googleonlinesecurity.blogspot.ca/2014/08/https-as-ranking-signal_6.html Prediction: The Net is heading for privacy-by-default. [Original.]

Wednesday 23:35 · @BighamDesign Wrong. It’s cheap and easily available. [Original, responding to @BighamDesign.]

Thursday 00:00 · Suppose, just hypothetically, that we organized a social-media storm to highlight anything that showed up here: wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Notices_received_from_search_engines [Original.]

Thursday 08:45 · By me, at t.co/svqGEi3gH3: ”Why We Might Be Stuck With Passwords for a While” time.com/3088934/password-alternatives-biometric-federated-two-step-sign-in/ [Original.]

Thursday 09:10 · @user24 Well yeah but the SMS approach is expensive and klunky, we can do better. [Original, responding to @user24.]

Thursday 12:18 · (Very) slightly consoled that it's not just my profession. But yeah, silence is untenable: martinbelam.com/2014/yes-always-men/ [Original.]

Thursday 14:53 · @steveklabnik WHAT?! *shakes head* You are way on the wrong side of this one. [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Thursday 14:54 · @steveklabnik SSL-ness and app-ness are entirely orthogonal. Q: Why does Wikipedia need to be on https? [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Thursday 14:56 · @steveklabnik No. It’s so a Ugandan boy can look up STD avoidance and stay alive. Et fucking cetera. [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Thursday 14:58 · @steveklabnik 1. Positive failures (someone got privacy, didn’t need it) are way less damaging than negative failures. [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Thursday 14:59 · @steveklabnik 2. Neither the information provider nor consumer has enough information/expertise to make a good decision on privacy necessity [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Thursday 14:59 · @steveklabnik 3. So don’t ask them to make the choice. Everything should be private by default, always. It’s the only ethical position. [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Thursday 15:00 · @steveklabnik The cost is trivial by any business or ethical measure. [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Thursday 15:03 · @steveklabnik www.cacert.org/ And my *.tbray.org cost me like $70/year [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Thursday 15:04 · @steveklabnik Yeah, but that’s a gold-plated wild-card certificate; the most anyone really needs to spend. You can get them for free. [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Thursday 15:05 · @steveklabnik I am totally shocked that you think it’s OK to expose non-technical users to casual snoopers. [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Thursday 15:05 · @steveklabnik In particular, anyone who offers services to the vulnerable/disadvantaged has GOT TO have their privacy shit together. [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Thursday 15:06 · @steveklabnik I see people building elementary-school apps without https & my blood runs cold. [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Thursday 15:07 · @steveklabnik Once again: https://t.co/OtY9vaWOkK [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Thursday 15:07 · @steveklabnik It’s not reasonable to ask people to make a judgment call as to whether they need privacy or not. Wrong choice can be fatal. [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Thursday 15:08 · @steveklabnik I totally fail to get the power argument. Also, https://t.co/DQGcnCgGwM [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Thursday 15:14 · @steveklabnik Yeah, the cert biz needs to be blown up. But don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Thursday 15:14 · @steveklabnik More background: https://t.co/9GWuzJrGFg [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Thursday 15:43 · @ncoghlan_dev @steveklabnik What risks? And greater than the risks of plain-text? [Original, responding to @ncoghlan_dev.]

Thursday 18:16 · RT @freebsdgirl: A prgrmr started to cuss Because getting to sleep was a fuss As she lay there in bed Looping round in her head was: while(… [Original.]

Thursday 18:50 · @Shambleer Grumble grumble grumble [Original, responding to @Shambleer.]

Thursday 19:34 · @isagalaev Maybe the NSA wants to know who uses what software? Why should we make it easy? [Original, responding to @isagalaev.]

Thursday 19:34 · @isagalaev Positive error: Providing privacy when not required. Negative error: Failure to provide privacy when required. Which is worse? [Original, responding to @isagalaev.]

Thursday 19:35 · @isagalaev Is average non-tech person equipped to make correct privacy choices? If not, you shouldn’t ask them to. [Original, responding to @isagalaev.]

Thursday 20:44 · @isagalaev If only the “controversial” stuff is private, then privacy becomes controversial. Just turn on https, it’s cheap. [Original, responding to @isagalaev.]

Thursday 20:47 · @xshay Pretty cheap, in practice. Gold-plated wild-card cert only ~$75/yr. [Original, responding to @xshay.]

Thursday 20:54 · via @dchest - more strong logic on the virtue of https-all-the-time: https://t.co/p1W6zjcwPR [Original, responding to @dchest.]

Thursday 22:01 · @xshay Wow, since you can get certs for <$10/year, that seems awfully steep. See www.ssls.com/ [Original, responding to @xshay.]

Friday 09:30 · @tom_enebo Sounds legit. [Original, responding to @tom_enebo.]

Friday 10:10 · I think a lot of geeks would enjoy Dave Thomas’ ElixirConf keynote: www.confreaks.com/videos/4119-elixirconf2014-opening-keynote-think-different [Original.]

Friday 10:11 · RT @topley: I decided to make my new iOS app development blog https://t.co/PEEt8zhTGZ Private by Default as per https://t.co/BuWxptd571 /cc… [Original.]

Friday 13:52 · @yminsky One-word answer: Java. Familiar syntax, pretty complete library inventory, good marketing. [Original, responding to @yminsky.]

Friday 13:53 · @philipmather HTTPS is way WAY better than nothing. See https://t.co/DQGcnCgGwM [Original, responding to @philipmather.]

Friday 14:35 · @yminsky I’m waiting for “The Java of functional programming”. Candidates: Go, Elixir. [Original, responding to @yminsky.]

Friday 14:39 · RT @csoghoian: Pro tip: To be completely NSA-proof, make sure your email encryption app has an AK47 & arabic text in the logo. t.co/… [Original.]

Friday 14:58 · @leonidasfromxiv Go isn’t functional, but the goroutine/channel idiom hits a huge 80/20 point. [Original, responding to @leonidasfromxiv.]

Friday 15:00 · @yminsky Swift is profoundly uninteresting; closed-source & Apple decides whether your code can run. Not going there. [Original, responding to @yminsky.]

Friday 15:04 · @yminsky Exactly. Go is boring. And very, very useful. [Original, responding to @yminsky.]

Friday 15:30 · @martinisoft I’m pretty diversity focused but on this occasion, the geeks are right. [Original, responding to @martinisoft.]

Friday 16:14 · @cartazio Still irrelevant if it’s for a platform whose owner gets to say what’s allowed to run. [Original, responding to @cartazio.]

Friday 19:59 · @carlmalamud SVG has found a few niches where it’s quite successful. @laurendw might know of one or two. [Original, responding to @carlmalamud.]

Friday 20:40 · OS X needs a “Back” button. [Original.]

Friday 20:40 · Dunno about Coco’s haircut. [Original.]

Friday 20:52 · Some really clear thinking on macroeconomics of inequality: coppolacomment.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/marginally-confusing.html [Original.]

Friday 21:51 · @colbycosh PR is “related” to journalism? Who knew… [Original, responding to @colbycosh.]

Saturday 09:49 · @philipmather In principle yeah, but chances are poor of educating civilians on distinctions :( [Original, responding to @philipmather.]

Saturday 09:50 · @yawaramin Not true. Apple’s app store is exclusive, *only* way to get an app. [Original, responding to @yawaramin.]

Saturday 10:07 · Amazon is brilliant at retailing & infrastructure; PR, not so much: whatever.scalzi.com/2014/08/09/amazon-gets-increasingly-nervous/ [Good @scalzi piece] [Original.]

Saturday 10:07 · @yawaramin Nope. Anyone can host their Android apps on their own Web site. Not uncommon. [Original, responding to @yawaramin.]

Saturday 10:08 · @yawaramin How? [Original, responding to @yawaramin.]

Saturday 10:19 · Sometimes there IS a monster under the kid’s bed, but that’s OK: www.dpreview.com/articles/7009823563/photo-series-depicts-children-getting-the-better-of-their-nightmares [Original.]

Saturday 10:45 · @yawaramin Oh yeah, no objections to Mac as a platform. [Original, responding to @yawaramin.]

Saturday 13:46 · enra primitive: youtu.be/7IALYVS0E0Y [Original.]

Saturday 21:58 · Sometimes you just gotta shoot the moon. [Original.]

Saturday 22:09 · @Stv Antique 400mm Tokina strapped onto my Fuji X-T1. 1/1000th F8 ISO 1600. [Original, responding to @Stv.]

Saturday 22:38 · @Stv old glass ftw :) [Original, responding to @Stv.]

Sunday 07:32 · RT @selfagency: I think if Google is going to penalize you for not having SSL they should become a CA and issue free certs. [Original.]

Sunday 08:04 · Currently 3 known US intelligence-community leakers: https://t.co/pbiR0RvuqI And more to come, I bet. [Original.]

Sunday 18:58 · @BWJones I use www.ssls.com/ - can’t complain. [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Sunday 19:55 · The moon with no mirror: https://t.co/G1LqGLzZXM “It’s so much easier when you’re not using an SLR.” [Original.]

Sunday 22:05 · @alexwh Hm, but I don’t like F16 :) [Original, responding to @alexwh.]

Sunday 22:14 · @alexwh I believe your rule. But with that EVF, I could just dial it in and see what I was gonna get. [Original, responding to @alexwh.]

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