Week ending Sunday 2014/05/25

Monday 00:02 · @adymitruk I didn’t see any interesting electronics, nor did I see www.dx.com/ [Original, responding to @adymitruk.]

Monday 00:04 · @dnaltews I’m thinking that needs minor chords and a stuttering bo-diddley shuffle. [Original, responding to @dnaltews.]

Monday 00:25 · Vancouver’s weird real-estate economics get global notice: www.newyorker.com/talk/financial/2014/05/26/140526ta_talk_surowiecki [Original.]

Monday 00:43 · @kellyjeanne Do what you gotta do, go look at the damn couch. [Original, responding to @kellyjeanne.]

Monday 07:09 · @brucel Yeah, that privacy stuff involves investments of time and money. Just like fire safety, financial auditing, etc... [Original, responding to @brucel.]

Tuesday 06:57 · @is0ph @glazou cool! [Original, responding to @is0ph.]

Tuesday 12:56 · At #GOTOchgo @trisha_gee builds a nontrivial web app in under an hour with Mongo & Angular & Groovy. Not bad! [Original.]

Wednesday 07:21 · @UWascalWabbit @trisha_gee @nicferrier must be wonderful to be as smart as you guys. [Original, responding to @UWascalWabbit.]

Wednesday 09:19 · Heh, @pragdave starts by saying he’s not here to sell Elixir, but he’s sure making it look seductive. #gotochgo [Original.]

Friday 10:10 · Food and crowds at Vancouver’s Richmond Night Market: https://t.co/QWXUg0InZD [Original.]

Friday 11:23 · So, the 10.9.3 update seems to have b0rked the screen rez on my big ol’ dumb Dell monitor. Upside, it’ll now support 4K, right? [Original.]

Friday 11:30 · So, what’s a good 4K outboard monitor to get for my MBP? Where by “good” I include “cheap”. [Original.]

Friday 12:09 · RT @happyspork: My coworker's got one of these, and it seems to be working well for him: www.ncix.com/detail/samsung-u28d590d-28in-4k-uhd-c5-95635.htm [Samsung 4K, decent price] [Original.]

Friday 12:11 · What Amazon is doing is appalling: bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/05/23/amazon-escalates-its-battle-against-hachette/?_php=true&_type=blogs&_r=0 [no idea if it’s legal or not] [Original.]

Saturday 18:34 · @theory Nope [Original, responding to @theory.]

Saturday 18:35 · @ArvedSandstrom @carlmalamud The overlap between code-as-in-programming people & standards people is far from 100% [Original, responding to @ArvedSandstrom.]

Saturday 18:36 · @ArvedSandstrom @carlmalamud No, not authoritative at all. Arguments stand or fall on their merits, not who says them. [Original, responding to @ArvedSandstrom.]

Saturday 18:37 · @ArvedSandstrom (trying to remember what I was dissing in 1999). RDF, maybe? [Original, responding to @ArvedSandstrom.]

Saturday 20:46 · @theory Not really. Sorry. [Original, responding to @theory.]

Sunday 08:09 · More pretty sunny pix from the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden in Vancouver. [Original.]

Sunday 08:41 · Go read #YesAllWomen [Original.]

Sunday 10:17 · @ikolomiets Read it some more then. [Original, responding to @ikolomiets.]

Sunday 10:57 · On the shootings, who’s responsible for them, and speaking truth: www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/newsdesk/2014/05/christopher-michael-martinezs-father-gets-it-right.html [Original.]

Sunday 20:31 · @pelegri My memories of that episode aren’t happy. But yeah, Rob was. [Original, responding to @pelegri.]

Sunday 21:25 · Woah, there’s a Tolkien translation of Beowulf. Disclosure: I *hated* Heaney’s. www.newyorker.com/arts/critics/books/2014/06/02/140602crbo_books_acocella [Original.]

Sunday 22:08 · RT @romainguy: The best camera you can buy is a camera that makes you want to use it. [Original.]

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