There are three silver Mac laptops in our household and sometimes it’s not obvious which is which. Also, while at Google I got used to the notion that laptops shouldn’t be left naked. So I shopped around online and ordered a cover from DecalGirl. This is the picture I used.

Marine workshop

It’s Doug McCallum’s workshop; he runs Blue Ocean Yacht Services here in Vancouver and fixes up our boat once a year. I thought there were a few things about the workshop that suggested what was under the cover inside the computer.

Putting the decal on requires a steady hand and cool nerves; mine is just slightly not straight, which irritates the hell out of me but is entirely invisible to the casual observer. I think it looks cool.


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From: Daniel Serodio (May 16 2014, at 10:40)

I came here looking for a pic of the Mac!


From: Nelson (May 16 2014, at 11:11)

Neat! It strikes me that iFixit would be a great source of images for a decal that shows exactly what's inside. Something like their photo here:

My laptop is badged with various bumper stickers, gotta fly the EFF flag high. But my cell phone needs something colorful and DecalGirl has a lot of neat artwork. I just ordered some Bombay Chartreuse, the more garish the better.


From: Kesey (May 16 2014, at 11:43)

Yeah, where's the picture mr.cameraman?


From: Dre (May 24 2014, at 02:32)

For more forgiving vinyl application, spray the adhesive side of the vinyl with a light mist of water with a touch of dish washing soap in it before applying it (Febreeze spray bottles are great for this as they produce a nice fine mist). This prevents the adhesive grabbing straight away, allowing you to reposition if necessary. I emphasise a *light* mist, since we are talking about water and an electronic device! Leave it overnight and the water should evaporate out and the vinyl will fix in place.


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