Week ending Sunday 2014/05/11

Monday 19:06 · @Stv @MainStPoodle @TheCurrentCBC Clearly there is no better poodle-on-a-pole public art anywhere, amirite? [Original, responding to @Stv.]

Monday 19:07 · @Stv @MainStPoodle @TheCurrentCBC Seriously, the expression on J.Random Person’s face when they first see the poodle is conclusive. [Original, responding to @Stv.]

Tuesday 08:41 · Fat JSON - https://t.co/jrgvpI7s8J HN thread at https://t.co/nt6EhIx0Vk [Original.]

Tuesday 11:16 · @evanphx Why do you need any syntax? A list of strings hits the 80/20 point. [Original, responding to @evanphx.]

Tuesday 11:33 · RT @JohnFontana: Industry experts line up to unravel Covert Redirect w/@smfulton3 @ve7jtb @danny_thorpe @timbray @symantec https://t.co/Z… [Original.]

Tuesday 13:23 · @tom_enebo Only 3 S’s? [Original, responding to @tom_enebo.]

Tuesday 13:25 · @brixen Anyone who’s spent time in the Enterprise-IT space knows there’s no doubt that technical debt actually is a real thing... [Original, responding to @brixen.]

Tuesday 13:30 · @brixen OK, so what’s the right term for the difficulty in getting anything done because of legacy-tech & legacy-culture blockage? [Original, responding to @brixen.]

Wednesday 09:42 · I just ran across these from Level 3. ISP Chicken: blog.level3.com/global-connectivity/chicken-game-played-child-isps-internet/ Internet Middleman: blog.level3.com/global-connectivity/observations-internet-middleman/ Strong stuff! [Original.]

Wednesday 13:16 · Fuji’s films-of-yore color treatments now available in Lightroom: https://t.co/kP4HcDK8yZ Interactive switcher: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2014/05/06/switcher.html [Original.]

Wednesday 14:24 · 7 years into the mobile-device revolution, and with one exception, there is no serious creative activity I can accomplish mobile-only. [Original.]

Wednesday 14:25 · The single exception: Wide-angle photography. [Original.]

Wednesday 18:00 · @rklau Go ahead, try to resist the continuous morphing of the English language, if it makes you feel better. [Original, responding to @rklau.]

Thursday 10:27 · @bkavoussi @acoyne ...and mentions "Piketty’s premise that inequality matters more than growth". Did Rogoff actually read the book? [Original, responding to @bkavoussi.]

Thursday 10:28 · @bkavoussi @acoyne Because Piketty doesn't say or imply that. Seriously, expect better from Rogoff. [Original, responding to @bkavoussi.]

Thursday 11:14 · Live space station video. Often, it’s dark, because space. m.ustream.tv/channel/iss-hdev-payload [Original.]

Thursday 14:43 · @juliaferraioli Awww... I’m in Portland today. How long you visiting for? [Original, responding to @juliaferraioli.]

Thursday 16:08 · @mjasay Hm, it’s just not that simple. Highly situational; the argument either way is easily falsified. [Original, responding to @mjasay.]

Thursday 16:15 · @paulehoffman Cynicism & contrarianism, both cheap. [Original, responding to @paulehoffman.]

Thursday 22:44 · Leica T vs Fujifilm X-E2: www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-news/2014/05/leica-t-versus-fujifilm-x-e2/ [Original.]

Thursday 22:56 · @aircanada your online check-in is broken, specifically the departure-city field. Tested with multiple browsers. [Original, responding to @AirCanada.]

Friday 07:20 · OpenKeychain 2.7, now with Keybase.io support - https://t.co/YR7P3xHDs7 [Original.]

Friday 07:41 · Welcome | Transparent Lives - www.surveillanceincanada.org/ [Original.]

Friday 08:05 · @AirCanada Nope. The “Departure city” field is broken. Oh well, guess I’ll do it at the airport, old school. (I’m a regular user). [Original, responding to @AirCanada.]

Friday 09:37 · RT @marklemley: Oracle v. Google is reversed; copyright for the structure, sequence and organization of computer programs is back. t… [Original.]

Friday 10:26 · Ronnie Duke: “Sucked into a downward spiral vortex of Bootstrap...” #wvpdx [Original.]

Friday 10:53 · Having read most of the Amazon/Google appeal judgment, the obvious conclusion is… IANAL. [Original.]

Friday 11:00 · Just modded my Mac keyboard layout so option-. generates “…” Win! [Original.]

Friday 11:01 · Just got a convincing recommendation for neat.bourbon.io/ Will have to give it a try. [Original.]

Friday 11:02 · Oops, haha, I had already remapped opt-; to something else. [Original.]

Friday 11:06 · RT @segphault: @timbray Neat is great. Zen Grids is also pretty good: zengrids.com/ Both are much better than having a bunch of co… [Original.]

Friday 11:11 · “Dr. Seuss is an honorary Afro-Futurist”. - D. Denenge Akpem at #wvpdx [Original.]

Friday 13:52 · I watch strangers in airports and decide how smart they are by looking at their faces. #probablywrong [Original.]

Friday 14:38 · @ernieattorney First lesson in writers’ school is: Write what you know. You think conference presentations are different? [Original, responding to @ernieattorney.]

Friday 18:06 · @kevnls Don’t think so, but couldn’t swear to it [Original, responding to @kevnls.]

Friday 19:14 · @kevnls Totally! [Original, responding to @kevnls.]

Saturday 08:15 · Beyond the numbers: what’s next? – Ming Thein | Photographer - blog.mingthein.com/2014/05/08/beyond-the-numbers-whats-next/ [Original.]

Saturday 12:48 · Are there other big APIs that are really important to the software industry where someone might try to extract copyright rent? [Original.]

Saturday 12:54 · . @winjer Yeah, AWS is all I could come up with. [Original, responding to @winjer.]

Saturday 12:54 · RT @segphault: @timbray seems like there’s now a need for CC-like licensing thing developers can use to specify that their APIs are freely … [Original.]

Saturday 13:19 · I’m not terribly upset about the OraGoog appeal outcome, but suspect OSS types have a new to-do: https://t.co/Yp203AICyc [Original.]

Saturday 13:25 · Advantage of being a Xoogler: I can comment on litigation! [Original.]

Saturday 18:05 · Lily-pad geometry: https://t.co/tslkMzjoCv [Original.]

Saturday 23:06 · @ppennefather @AllysonMcGrane Wish me luck on that… not sure what I’ve got myself into. [Original, responding to @ppennefather.]

Saturday 23:12 · Caught the Béla Fleck/Abigail Washburn tour this evening, I strongly recommend it. belafleck.com/touring-with-abigail-washburn/ [Original.]

Sunday 00:52 · Sshhhhh. [Original.]

Sunday 16:48 · @al3x Nobody I know IRL locally has read it, makes me sad because I’d like to drink coffee/beer/whatever & argue about it. [Original, responding to @al3x.]

Sunday 17:47 · @miklernout Took me more than a couple of days :) [Original, responding to @miklernout.]

Sunday 20:20 · @acoyne Also, Jimmy Page one of 3 (!?) session guitarists. [Original, responding to @acoyne.]

Sunday 22:30 · Evening quiz: Why is the quantity 32.85% interesting? [Original.]

Sunday 23:49 · @secretGeek An egregiously-sloppy one-off ruby script in my case. With bugs! [Original, responding to @secretGeek.]

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