Week ending Sunday 2014/03/23

Monday 08:31 · List of Markets Not Tampered With By Bankers, Traders, Dominant Corporates & Hedge Funds: nihoncassandra.blogspot.ca/2014/03/un-diddled-markets.html [Original.]

Monday 09:15 · Photos of La Barceloneta: https://t.co/rv1J8KOp7v [Original.]

Monday 12:42 · Hm, the fat friendly typeface on the new @FiveThirtyEight site looks like complete crap on lo-rez monitors. [Original.]

Monday 13:19 · keybase.io looks interesting... how long does it take to get on board? [Original.]

Monday 13:41 · Verifying myself: I am timbray on Keybase.io. uvc8wZIXtZztvzXRbax9WoJXSW-iP7Xo2Fh4 / https://t.co/B3Y8VUZEuG [Original.]

Monday 13:45 · @mgilbir Thanks! [Original, responding to @mgilbir.]

Monday 13:54 · @EricaJoy not yet [Original, responding to @EricaJoy.]

Monday 15:01 · No, I don’t fully understand what this is about yet, but: https://t.co/fkU5GuTlTa [Original.]

Monday 17:28 · @theresa_lauren Not to mention boring. [Original, responding to @theresa_lauren.]

Monday 19:10 · </google> <indie> [Original.]

Monday 19:21 · So, FIFA is corrupt: www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/world-cup/10704290/Qatar-World-Cup-2022-investigation-former-Fifa-vice-president-Jack-Warner-and-family-paid-millions.html In other news, there was a Tuesday in last week. [Original.]

Monday 19:22 · @schuchert Done, thanks for the reminder [Original, responding to @schuchert.]

Monday 19:22 · @samruby republish in progress [Original, responding to @samruby.]

Monday 20:00 · Looking at Banksy Mac decals on Etsy. [Original.]

Monday 22:36 · @shanselman and polar bears nearby? [Original, responding to @shanselman.]

Monday 22:39 · @vambenepe Been here twice: www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g60634-d87299-Reviews-Kahana_Sunset-Lahaina_Maui_Hawaii.html My review: www.tripadvisor.ca/ShowUserReviews-g60634-d87299-r126869849-Kahana_Sunset-Lahaina_Maui_Hawaii.html#REVIEWS [Original, responding to @vambenepe.]

Monday 23:11 · keybase is pretty slick. [Original.]

Monday 23:21 · Just ordered a custom Mac skin from @DecalGirl - replacing ad-hoc Google stickers with www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2013/04/18/-big/DSCF3136.jpg.html Let’s see how it works. [Original.]

Monday 23:41 · @psd Waiting for that one to get an RFC #, then it deserves boosting from everyone everywhere [Original, responding to @psd.]

Tuesday 07:23 · @willhamill Sorry about not closing tabs ☺ [Original, responding to @willhamill.]

Tuesday 08:43 · Ick, I searched for “firefox” and the top match is an ad from mozilla-firefox dot gol-apps dot com which offers a .exe for download. [Original.]

Tuesday 10:59 · @chadfowler Is there any Ruby developer who doesn’t always have irb open? It’s also a nice calculator. [Original, responding to @chadfowler.]

Tuesday 14:25 · Check out , it’s really pretty slick. [Original.]

Tuesday 14:54 · My first post-G speaking gig is May 9th at WebVisions: www.webvisionsevent.comhttp/www.webvisionsevent.com (It’s easy to convince me to visit Portland.) [Original.]

Tuesday 14:57 · Next up: GOTO Chicago, May 20, gotocon.com/chicago-2014 (Discount code: bray150 (Lots of conferences in nice places!) [Original.]

Tuesday 15:02 · @sogrady Would like to visit yours too... but damn it’s a long way. [Original, responding to @sogrady.]

Tuesday 18:01 · I went and saw Miyazaki’s latest, “The Wind Rises”. It’s big and beautiful and messy and troubling: https://t.co/PaUWzjtjvD [Original.]

Wednesday 09:26 · Haha, github issues tracker can’t handle non-ascii quotes, e.g. “I'm” vs "I'm". Never filed a bug against github before... [Original.]

Wednesday 17:01 · Adacamp Portland; a conference dedicated to increasing women’s participation in open technology and culture: www.adafruit.com/blog/2014/03/19/adacamp-portland/ [Original.]

Wednesday 17:39 · Been looking at keybase.io for a couple of days & still impressed; it may be point­ing a use­ful way for­ward: https://t.co/ddFVsN4sB2 [Original.]

Wednesday 18:31 · wow, TED party invite. much famous. so VIPs. very glamor. [Original.]

Wednesday 18:50 · @technmsg Agreed that’s better, but this feels scaleable and somewhat non-geek-accessible [Original, responding to @technmsg.]

Wednesday 19:01 · @technmsg hm? standard GPG sig not enough authent? [Original, responding to @technmsg.]

Wednesday 19:06 · @defrag I signed up for it, don’t fully grok the trade-offs. [Original, responding to @defrag.]

Wednesday 20:23 · @maxtaco d'oh [Original, responding to @maxtaco.]

Wednesday 20:29 · [Update]: Keybase is safer, but less convenient, if you don’t use it to store your private key: https://t.co/Jv9yt0fVQa [Original.]

Wednesday 23:07 · Berners-Lee, Yahoo person, Gore, Wales, Lessig. #web25 [Original.]

Wednesday 23:57 · @damngerman In principle yes, but tougher since it’s open-source. [Original, responding to @damngerman.]

Thursday 07:52 · @HermannSW What’s especially vulnerable about “paste”? [Original, responding to @HermannSW.]

Thursday 08:01 · Breaking Philips TVs with API versioning: quoderat.megginson.com/2014/03/20/netflix-philips-and-the-fragility-of-apis/ [Original.]

Thursday 10:25 · Late yesterday: Thoughts on Keybase.io, controversial but *very* interesting, & may point a useful direction: https://t.co/4mxDY4g7HJ [Original.]

Thursday 10:45 · Another keybase update: Command-line client uses OS X keychain so you don’t have to type password. Very slick: https://t.co/Jv9yt0fVQa [Original.]

Thursday 10:59 · My first tweet was really, really boring. [Original.]

Thursday 11:48 · @HermannSW Yeah, but on OS X it uses the keychain, so actually less password typing. [Original, responding to @HermannSW.]

Thursday 11:54 · @alexblackie Yup, keybase is nothing but a directory and wrapper. But really pretty convenient. [Original, responding to @alexblackie.]

Thursday 14:44 · I don't suppose anyone out there has slogged through the work of getting compiled on Android... #eclipse-hell [Original.]

Thursday 15:23 · TIL npm runs on CouchDB. Interesting. [Original.]

Thursday 18:28 · @BWJones Lived in Beirut when I was young, no rain April-October, the first rain was a torrent of that perfume. [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Thursday 18:30 · A government leader trying to block Twitter? What a turkey. [Original.]

Thursday 21:05 · @EricaJoy Are they USB sticks too? [Original, responding to @EricaJoy.]

Thursday 22:28 · I had no idea that non-HTTPS Gmail was still available. Well, no longer thank goodness. gmailblog.blogspot.ca/2014/03/staying-at-forefront-of-email-security.html [Original.]

Thursday 22:37 · @EricaJoy So... They gave nail files to computer programmers because *no good ending to that sentence* [Original, responding to @EricaJoy.]

Thursday 22:40 · Rock & roll stew. Mmmmmmmmm. [Original.]

Friday 10:02 · @matthewmccull Thanks, done. Easy to replicate I think. [Original, responding to @matthewmccull.]

Saturday 00:13 · RT @YourAnonNews: What people in #Turkey are seeing when they try to go to Twitter - [Original.]

Sunday 01:30 · @Kasparov63 @Kushagra_India @Kasparov63 Uh, go. Still, good point. [Original, responding to @Kasparov63.]

Sunday 10:26 · Corruption, and the ripping-off of the vulnerable, in the college textbook market: cliffmass.blogspot.ca/2014/03/textbooks-prices-out-of-control-and.html Ouch! [Original.]

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