Since phonecams have focal lengths that are fixed and low, they ought to be credible pocket-cam replacements for wide-angle shots. But you have to worry whether they can handle massed details. Let’s see.

Last Friday I took a day off and visited Monstserrat, near Barcelona, where there’s a Benedictine Abbey with a famous black Virgin. First, here are two photos looking down.

Looking down on Montserrat Abbey
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Looking down from Montserrat Abbey

The first shot is from a half hour’s (very steep) hike up from the Abbey; the second from the train coming back down. I’m using the first shot as the wallpaper for my 15" Mac’s Retina display and it looks glorious.

I took an interior shot too.

Interior of Montserrat Abbey

Inside Montserrat abbey. The Virgin of Montserrat is visible in the little chapel halfway up the back wall behind the altar.

One thing I do notice is that the image files that come out of the Fujifilm are pretty well ready to go, while the N5 shots usually need Lightroom love to fix up shadows and highlights and contrast.


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From: Gavin B. (Mar 10 2014, at 00:50)

The mountains behind the Abbey come down like massive rocky fingers - and make fascinating subjects.

BTW: best put Catalan rather than Spanish in your title.


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