This was an odd but not-bad little developers’ event in San Fran put on by VC-biz pub VentureBeat. I’m not 100% sure what DevBeat 2013 was trying to be, but anyhow the venue was cool and I got a neat picture of RMS.

The contrast between the beautifully-groomed venture reporters and the scruffy geeks was pretty stark. And the program was patchy; putting on Alex Payne is always a good idea (I recommend his Monktoberfest preso), but having an advertised big-name star appearing Skype-only was a little off.

And then there was RMS.

Richard Stallman at DevBeat

Richard Stallman. Per his request, this work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Note the gnu and the shoe.

I dislike many of his opinions and mannerisms, but I admire his fierce consistency immensely, and my career has depended existentially on technologies he’s created. So it was a treat to listen to his unsurprising denunciation of software patents, and I got to chat a bit offline, which made me smile.

Another treat was the venue, San Francisco’s Regency Center at Van Ness and Sutter; it’s ancient and beat up and elegant and glamorous and anyone who wants to attract me should feel free to use it as a venue. I couldn’t resist the two-headed-eagle mosaic in the lobby floor.

Mosaic on the floor of San Francisco’ Regency Center

Do we need a developer event driven by a VC publication? Maybe. Let’s give it another chance.


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From: Nicholas Sushkin (Nov 19 2013, at 17:30)

Looks like the symbol of 32° Masons of the Scottish Rite


From: Gavin B. (Nov 20 2013, at 00:53)

Just love that poncho.

Just love that persistence.


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