In early 2006, I added drop shadows to all the pictures here at ongoing; to do it I had to construct a 500-line Java program. At the time I remarked that CSS should just support drop shadows, and now it does. Here’s how it looks:

Autumn leaves

More or less exactly the same as my hand-constructed shadows, near as I can tell. So as of today, the whole site’s a little lighter and faster and smarter. My thanks to the CSS designers and browser builders.

Oh, how’s it done? Like this: box-shadow: 3px 3px 8px #222;

If your browser’s builders screwed up and aren’t doing my drop shadows right, please complain to them.


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From: Rick Levine (Nov 05 2013, at 13:04)

Now if we could just get them to implement the hanging punctuation spec... (Yeah, I'm a typography geek, in the finest Warnockian tradition...)


From: John Cowan (Nov 05 2013, at 14:04)

Well, being Mr. Non-Visual, I can't say I never noticed it before. But, why *would* you want your pictures to look like they're attached to the canvas with Blu-Tack, anyway?


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