While I go days at a time without turning on the client, I do still go out on an Ingress level-8 op every week or two; and now I have a couple of purely-social reasons to pitch in now and then.

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The first is that my wife started playing. After watching me grind away between November and April, she suddenly asked for an account and quietly worked her way to Level 8 in less than four months; it helps that the portal density near our house is extreme, and also she travels to other big cities.

So that gives us another topic of dinner-table conversation, and a distraction on the boring parts of walks around town.

But here’s the odd one. We have an old “Arts & Crafts” style wooden house, and some of the rafters and other roof apparatus were getting beat up and rotten. So we hired a carpenter to fix it up, and he organized scaffolding all around the house. And even though it wasn’t due a paint job for another couple of years, the scaffolding was an opportunity, so the carpenter referred us to a good housepainter, and beautification was proceeding. Then the painter went to the doctor for a belly-ache and found himself being rushed in for emergency colon-cancer surgery.

We needed another house-painter, urgently, before the scaffolding came down. I asked my friends, I asked on Twitter, I asked everywhere, and had no luck. Then I realized that my friends and followers are various kinds of nerds and geeks who don’t hang with trades-people. So I turned around and asked the Vancouver Resistance community and, hey-presto, two painters in the first 48 hours, and we hired one, and the job is nearly finished.

The game has enriched my life. I wonder when it’ll be over?

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