Week ending Sunday 2013/07/21

Monday 01:03 · @pragdave Damn things are all in-yo-face about where I’ve been stupid, who needs that... [Original, responding to @pragdave.]

Monday 01:16 · RT @tenderlove: I tried doing duck face, but my lips didn't fit the bill. [Original.]

Monday 15:23 · If its second derivative is positive, it’s not sustainable. [Original.]

Monday 15:24 · Golang Diaries II (http, concurrency, semantic gaps, and gripes too!): [Original.]

Monday 15:36 · @gruber: “You can disagree with that, but it’s not moronic.” Also, arguably not legal, apparently. [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Monday 16:17 · @samruby Sustainable till you hit the ground…. [Original, responding to @samruby.]

Tuesday 16:13 · @slavkurilyak Not much [Original, responding to @slavkurilyak.]

Tuesday 23:36 · RT @jamie_gaskins: The word "RESTful", when talking about web APIs, is a portmanteau of the acronyms "REST" and "STFU". The L stands for "L… [Original.]

Wednesday 08:47 · @slavkurilyak Email me [Original, responding to @slavkurilyak.]

Wednesday 15:06 · @davidascher I’ve done 2 mtgs at Msft in the last couple months. Driving is the best option for Redmond. Further south, dunno. [Original, responding to @davidascher.]

Wednesday 20:26 · Just talked to Vij while waiting for a table; Vij's relocating to Cambie/15th, new concept going in on 11th. #vancouver [Original.]

Wednesday 20:27 · RT @carlfish: You are surrounded by a herd of yaks. > inventory You are carrying: a razor, the last shred of your sanity. > dro… [Original.]

Thursday 22:12 · I bought a Helios 44M-4 58mm F2, Soviet manufacture, from the Ukraine, on EBay. +a Fuji X-mount adapter. Cheap! Fun! jonasraskphotography.com/2013/05/17/helios-44m-4-58mm-f2-review/ [Original.]

Friday 07:41 · Sandman Slim store: www.zazzle.com/sandmanslimstore/gifts [Original.]

Friday 22:27 · @wbruce If you’re a J.S. Bach fan, your skin is thick on that front. [Original, responding to @wbruce.]

Friday 22:27 · @dangillmor I have one too. Twitter will fix it, but you have to fax (!?!?) them your driver’s license. [Original, responding to @dangillmor.]

Saturday 00:58 · Much better rhythm than your average martial-arts trailer: m.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi4109412633 [Original.]

Saturday 01:03 · There are many ridiculous things on the Internet. At this moment in history, this tops them all: www.engadget.com/2013/07/19/honda-mean-mower/ [Original.]

Saturday 09:54 · @pgib Nope. My feed is 100% valid. A few of the new readers don’t process relative links correctly yet, but they’re working on it. [Original, responding to @pgib.]

Saturday 09:57 · @pgib Please file bugs. The feed-reader eng community is really open to them right at the moment. [Original, responding to @pgib.]

Saturday 10:04 · Wow, there are a kazillion places. Town’s most famous sushi is tojos.com, but so many nice ones. [Original.]

Saturday 10:18 · @avibryant yep. Lauren says “huh?” [Original, responding to @avibryant.]

Saturday 10:23 · Equipping the Fuji X-E1 with a made-in-the-USSR lens and a Luma Cinch: (Pretty pix!) [Original.]

Saturday 12:03 · Nice R.Crumb interview in the Paris Review: www.theparisreview.org/interviews/6017/the-art-of-comics-no-1-r-crumb [Original.]

Sunday 08:55 · RT @lrz: Apple is rewriting the Dev Center in node.js, that’s the only explanation I can think of. [Original.]

Sunday 13:42 · @Skud Quick… sell the movie rights! More plausible than most summer blockbusters. [Original, responding to @Skud.]

Sunday 13:59 · Please take this pull request, everyone: RT @pgib: @timbray I did better than a bug report: https://t.co/ZpLKoD764E [Original.]

Sunday 14:16 · @DaiBonehead @Richard_Kadrey Grumpf, $8 in Canada. I’ll probably get it anyhow, but book pricing continues to baffle & irritate. [Original, responding to @DaiBonehead.]

Sunday 16:21 · Got into the habit of reaching for Bootstrap every time I have a page to build; are there comparable alternatives? [Original.]

Sunday 16:29 · Everybody’s saying Zurb Foundation is the new black: foundation.zurb.com/ Why? Better? Easier? [Original.]

Sunday 18:32 · @pamelafox Slaughterhouse 5 is his masterpiece. [Original, responding to @pamelafox.]

Sunday 19:10 · Wondering what led to the flood of translator-looking-for-work spam… or is it just me? [Original.]

Sunday 22:54 · Best scene in Pacific Rim: Baby monster & parts collector “Hannibal Chau”. [Original.]

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