I ran across Theresa Couchman on The Setup (always recommended), which convinced me to buy The Unmapped Lands, and wow, is it ever fun.

There is a whole lot of stuff in this book; probably more than really necessary, because the people in it are so interesting. I was actually sort of hoping Ms Couchman would ease off on the action a bit and just run with them a bit, but I never wasn’t entertained. Let’s see, we start with a hardass witch in Albany, NY, and then we get a demon and a smart rat and an Intuitive and a Magician and an alternate-reality portal and a grimoire and dragons and giant spiders and, yeah, there’s more, but you get the idea. It’s even coherent, mostly.

It’s her first & only book. Discovering someone with this much talent just getting started, what a stroke of luck.


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From: stephen o'grady (Jul 01 2013, at 10:43)

Got this and read it on your suggestion. Definitely entertaining and I'd buy another; the only let down for me was the second half. Apart from the deus ex machina solution, overall it felt rushed, almost as if she was on deadline.

Still, well worth the couple of bucks.


From: Jack Glazko (Jul 06 2013, at 07:31)

Thanks for the blog entry on this, Tim. Enjoyed it tremendously, quite different. Her writing ability left me breathless, and made the story better than the sum of its parts.

Can't wait for a new book by her, I really enjoyed this one. (her Twitter feed says she's working on one).


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