May it afflict Dupuytren's contracture, hangnails, and other painful pathologies of the hand on every developer who screws with Control-A, -E, -F, -B, -N, or -P in any OS X app anywhere you can edit text. Firefox, I’m looking at you (but only when there’s a search box open at the bottom of the browser). StackOverflow, I’m looking at you. Seriously, you guys are peeing on sacred ground.


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From: Fazal Majid (Feb 20 2013, at 16:53)

Amen from the back of the church (of Emacs).


From: Bud Gibson (Feb 20 2013, at 17:14)

You don't personally have experience of Dupuytren's Contraction do you? Looks ugly.

BTW, texas tea is made from petroleum. Beverly Hillbillies fans would get the challenge question wrong. But, I knew you were looking for more conventional stuff.


From: Doug Ransom (Feb 20 2013, at 19:10)

Who would mess with control-A?


From: Stefan Tilkov (Feb 21 2013, at 00:35)

You urgently need to take a look at KeyRemap4MacBook, allowing you to easily map relevant keys like Ctrl-F, -B etc. to emit cursor key events. Works perfectly for Emacs aficionados. I've started it once about 2 years ago, configured it, and never started it again - it just does its work silently and perfectly.


From: Ross Reedstrom (Feb 21 2013, at 05:59)

So this is an interesting data point on the cross app debate: Do you make the UI consistent across platforms, or "go native" on each. I think you're position might be "Regardless of what the widgets look like, functional elements better match the platform." which puts you substantially in the native camp. And for a Web app, leads to the horror known as user agent detection, further complicating development and testing. Thank goodness we can mostly wrap that sort of thing in javascript libraries these days


From: Gavin B (Feb 21 2013, at 06:14)

My pet peeve is Google+

why oh why oh why oh why

does it not page-down when I press the space bar - in any browser but chrome.

Come on standards based web-giant!


From: E (Feb 21 2013, at 07:29)

I have Dupuytren's, I'm a developer and I honestly won't wish it to anyone, not even if they mangled my shortcuts.

Not being a prude, but it's not funny.




From: Giles Alexander (Feb 21 2013, at 15:19)

I'm sure the IntelliJ family of editors, with their amazing refactorings, are truly wonderful. But I can not look past their disregard for these sacred keys.

Yes, I know there's an Emacs keyboard config. But everyone learns and uses the default setup.


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