The other reviews of the Nexus Seven out there are probably unbiased, but they’re awfully rushed (VergeGadget get ’em on the air in less than 24 hours, which is impressive, but still). Mine are presumably biased, but the fruit of much longer exposure. Mine are absolutely biased by my powerful conviction that the 7-inch form factor is the right one for most personal uses of a tablet. (10-inch wins for sharing across the desk or along the sofa).

Screen · It’s good enough. Any pixel density north of 200dpi or so is fine for me; I care more about color. Which on the 7 is more honest than your typical ultrasaturated Samsung, but on the other hand, I can’t actually say that my pictures look better. A screen-full of small-font text is perfectly readable to my fifty-plus-year-old eyes.

By the way, I have a particular way I’ve got used to distributing my icons and shortcuts across two or three screens. But on the 7, the extra launcher screens are kinda wasted, because everything I launch fits on the home screen.

Size · Just right for propping up on your chest in bed.

Battery Life · It’s good enough. Tablet builders have an easier time of it. I charge mine every other day whether it needs it or not. On the other hand, when I played Air Attack HD for a couple of hours on the plane, I noticed that took a chunk out of the battery bar

It charges through the USB... Win!

Size · Can’t beat it for those twitchy games, and your wrist won’t get tired this side of Level 20.

Performance · It’s really pretty good. Maybe a little snappier than my Galaxy Nexus. But some of that would be Jelly Bean at work.

Size · Fits in any reasonable lady’s purse

Software · Jelly Bean is really excellent. Which is to say, ICS was really excellent, and JB makes it a little quicker and a little slicker.

And I have to shout out in particular to Google Music, which is a fine piece of work.

Size · Fits in any well-tailored gentleman’s inside jacket pocket.

Price · Outstanding.

Size · One hand is always free to fiddle with the screen.

Gripes · No mobile data. I’d totally pay another $50 or so.

The Economist app doesn’t work. Come guys, you’ve had plenty long enough, get it done already.

Size · Economy class? No problemo!

Google Play · Sorry, can’t help you here. Lots of stuff isn’t available in Canada yet and, as for books, I’m totally locked into Amazon because I sell underpants and thus get books for free.

Having said that, Kindle on JB on the 7 runs like a champ.


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From: Tim (Jun 30 2012, at 10:10)

Testing (comment system breakage?)


From: G. Ken Holman (Jun 30 2012, at 10:39)

Interesting to hear that the Economist is not working on Jelly Bean. We were planning to buy a Google Phone this week after hearing last week, direct from the Economist, that Android 4.x is supported:

> Nick Blunden

> Publisher, Economist Digital

> The Economist on Android operates on OS 2.x and OS 4.x only.

Thanks for letting us know that it doesn't work!


From: Joe Clark (Jun 30 2012, at 11:00)


Now, can a blind person use the whole system, including all standard apps, right out of the box with no sighted assistance ever?


From: Tim (Jun 30 2012, at 11:05)

Hey Joe Clark, check out the Android Accessibility session from IO. Things are looking good:


From: Aron (Jun 30 2012, at 11:33)

"Breaking: Tim Bray says Nexus 7 not appropriately sized for unreasonable ladies."


From: Lynn Cherny (Jul 01 2012, at 12:56)

What's it like to type on? The Kindle Fire has an appalling keyboard issue - don't know if it's the software or the hardware or both. Keys are misread, taps not registered at all, etc. So how is the 7 and JB for text input?


From: Bud Gibson (Jul 04 2012, at 13:53)

I pre-ordered one from my perch here in Michigan. I agree on the cellular connectivity point, but if they had to sacrifice that to get a clean design the first time through, fair enough. Other Android devices I've owned have been filled with carrier crapware which significantly degraded performance.

The device does look exciting, sort of like a better kindle fire with real google apps inside. I'm quite looking forward to it.


From: Alec Barnes (Jul 13 2012, at 00:18)

Not surprised that the Economist doesn't work. I'm not sure who they have contracted Android development to, but it is a disaster. The app has never worked on the Galaxy Nexus (or any other ICS based smartphone for that matter), yet the Economist staff claim that it does. They fail to understand their own app.


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