I was co-lead for the Android sessions at Google IO this year, so I’ve seen basically every session, most of them twice, some even more. Here’s a highly personal guide to the ten I’d go to if I had to pick just ten.

1. What’s New in Android

The nature of a keynote means that there’s not much room for technical depth on whatever it is we announce there. This is for that.

2. Marketing 101 for Developers

You may not like marketing, but the mobile field is pretty crowded so you probably have to do some, along with all that engineering. Patrick, who’s leading this session, used to work at a cola company, and knows things you don’t about this space.

3. Making Android Apps Accessible

I’m not saying this features the coolest hardware at the show, just that it features some pretty cool hardware.

4. What’s New in Tools

This team has been cooking up a storm, and many people who are heads-down building mobile software just don’t have time to stay on top of the changes.

5. Making Good Apps Great

Reto Meier knows his stuff; I learned a ton sitting in rehearsals.

6. NFC and Android Beam

The fact that NFC only works at a maximum distance of 5cm is a feature; if that wasn’t obvious to you, drop by this one and get your mind expanded.

7. Multi-Versioning Android User Interfaces

It doesn’t sound sexy, but Bruno and Adam are great and this is solid meat-and-potatoes value.

8. Ten Things Game Developers Should Know

As close as Google IO gets to a rock concert, aside from the actual rock concert at the Day One party. Trust me on this one.

9. Playing With Patterns

Real-time design deconstruction; showing how you can be a good Android citizen and still use shocking rock-&-roll pink.

10. (Tie) The Sensitive Side of Android and Monetizing Android Apps

Sensor programming is cool, but then so is making money. I’m one of the presenters in the first, but if I weren’t, I’d be going to the second.


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From: Robin (Jun 27 2012, at 02:26)

Have you looked at your website in the Android browser lately? There are these empty boxes which I assume are for helping with hyphenation, which are visible.


From: Christian Bejram (Jul 03 2012, at 06:03)

Hello Tim,

The Ten Things Game Developers Should Know was excellent, top class entertainment!

Will the video for this session be available as well? I would like to share the experience with my colleagues.


// Christian


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