It’s May so Cottage Life is recurring. On the island, many of the things one sees and wishes to photograph are far away thus must be captured through fairly specialized lenses which tend to impose their perceptions, particularly when the lenses are elderly and actually not that elite. Here are three of those.

Faraway mountains
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Faraway mountains
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Faraway mountains

The lens in question is my Tokina f5.6 400mm, which has a story attached.

I processed these in Lightroom. It has a superb noise-reduction module, which on this occasion I wished had negative settings to crank up the vintage-telephoto grainy dreaminess. Which would probably betray truth-before-beauty. But anyhow, Lightroom doesn’t.

[Update: Actually (see the comments), it turns out that Lightroom does.]


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From: Bradley Sepos (May 09 2012, at 00:56)

Tim — in the develop module of Lightroom, try out the Grain adjustments under "Effects".

Great photos. I too am a fan of vintage lenses. My K-5 really makes them shine.


From: Bud Gibson (May 09 2012, at 04:50)

The first one of the mountain is quite nice, very well composed.


From: Bruce Walker (May 09 2012, at 06:29)

Tim, Lightroom has a nice Grain effect under the Effects tab in the Develop module. I've used it to produce dreamy softness or contrasty graphic noise. You have to play with the 3 sliders a bunch to get a non-"digital" looking result, but it's worth while.


From: Ian (May 09 2012, at 09:26)

Beautiful photos. Images like these were such a big part of my own childhood cottage life in British Columbia that sometimes it seems my memories have taken on the cast of these lenses.


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