Week ending Sunday 2012/04/29

Monday 09:40 · Hyperefficient tab negotiation in Chrome: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2012/04/22/Tab-Lore [Original.]

Monday 11:04 · The Internet really seems to be converging on UTF-8 for everything. This is A Very Good Thing. [Original.]

Monday 11:05 · @mronge What is this “Fax” of which you speak? [Original, responding to @mronge.]

Monday 11:52 · @nelson Competition for UTF-8 isn’t UTF-16, it’s legacy formats of one sort or another. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Monday 12:01 · Reto’s book is out: www.amazon.com/gp/product/1118102274?ie=UTF8&tag=interventione-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=1118102274 [Original.]

Monday 13:10 · @kragen @nelson Well, all the Java & .NET APIs, sigh. But I rarely see examples of UTF-16 being persisted or transmitted over the wire. [Original, responding to @kragen.]

Monday 13:11 · How a distributed team ships: www.laurenwood.org/anyway/2012/04/deadline-chatting/ [Original.]

Monday 13:35 · @nelson @kragen Except for, text is a small proportion of Internet bandwidth, the rest is sounds & pix & video. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Monday 13:38 · @nelson @kragen Also, a large part of text payloads is markup/css/js, which is ASCII. Doubting the theoretical 50% is that material. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Monday 13:49 · RT @macros: A copy of tim bray's widefinder logs are stored here: [Original.]

Monday 14:03 · Interesting: instagr.am/robots.txt (/p/ is where the pix are) [Original.]

Monday 14:07 · @hfiguiere “No crawlers!” [Original, responding to @hfiguiere.]

Monday 14:10 · @allan_pollock nope [Original, responding to @allan_pollock.]

Monday 16:39 · @joshtpm It’s for friends not brands. [Original, responding to @joshtpm.]

Monday 17:25 · Unicode 6.1 is out: unicode-inc.blogspot.ca/2012/04/unicode-version-61-complete-text-of.html (includes Meroitic Hieroglyphs!) [Original.]

Monday 18:59 · @csfeijo But most Internet traffic is pictures/audio/video. & much text is markup/JS/CSS. & In Brazilian 1-byte chars are a majority. !?!? [Original, responding to @csfeijo.]

Monday 19:08 · Hey, Nikon shooters, interesting lens option: www.imaging-resource.com/news/2012/04/23/the-camera-bag-moby-dick-sized-nikon-6mm-f-2.8-fisheye-lens-on-sale-for-160 [Original.]

Monday 20:23 · Albertans are so boring #abvote [Original.]

Monday 21:09 · More on the pipeline controversy, the defining green issue of a generation IMHO: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2012/04/23/Pipeline-to-Vancouver-or-Kitimat [Original.]

Monday 21:12 · Also, read this excellent open letter on the Enbridge proposal: www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/earthmatters/2012/04/23/marine-industry-experts-open-letter-against-enbridge-pipeline-and [Original.]

Monday 21:37 · Same old sex organs: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2012/04/23/Spring-Blossoms-2012 [Original.]

Monday 22:57 · The band Muse is totally naff. But they have lotsa tasty riffs, which excuses almost anything. [Original.]

Tuesday 07:13 · @smeh I'll publish once I'm sure I have it right [Original, responding to @smeh.]

Tuesday 07:52 · This piece on OS X VM probs is going round the Net: workstuff.tumblr.com/post/20464780085/something-is-deeply-broken-in-os-x-memory-management Only went to Lion a few weeks ago & find it fragile. [Original.]

Tuesday 09:54 · @colbycosh I like YoruFukurou - lightweight, robust, gets out of the way. [Original, responding to @colbycosh.]

Tuesday 09:58 · @colbycosh Nope, multitab. [Original, responding to @colbycosh.]

Tuesday 10:47 · Hilarious NSFW preso about mobile software development: westcoastlogic.com/slides/debug-mobile/ [Original.]

Tuesday 14:50 · @c_pruett Any simple or even comprehensible general statement about color is a priori wrong, because Color Is More Complicated Than That. [Original, responding to @c_pruett.]

Tuesday 16:21 · @ndw Real apostrophes (’) too. Would welcome a patch. [Original, responding to @ndw.]

Tuesday 19:04 · So, I now have DropBox AND Google Drive in my menubar. There’s still room for lots more. [Original.]

Tuesday 19:10 · The Web is bulging with pieces about the Web vs Apps and what Mobile means. So… I’d better write one too! [Original.]

Tuesday 21:59 · I admit that sometimes I type git incantations that I don’t understand. [Original.]

Wednesday 07:36 · @meyerweb I couldn’t figure out how to do that. If you do, please pass it on. [Original, responding to @meyerweb.]

Wednesday 08:24 · @meyerweb As I wrote recently, I ended up addicted to having a few parked tabs in each browser and addressing them with control-digit. [Original, responding to @meyerweb.]

Wednesday 08:29 · @meyerweb d'oh. Cool. [Original, responding to @meyerweb.]

Wednesday 10:35 · The instant sellouts of IO & WWDC are partly because Moscone West only has room for 5500, & there are few good alternatives. [Original.]

Wednesday 10:39 · @vambenepe The problem is that Moscone North & South *suck*. Airless dungeons. [Original, responding to @vambenepe.]

Wednesday 12:57 · Really enjoyed the AnandTech Intel/Android phone review: www.anandtech.com/show/5770/lava-xolo-x900-review-the-first-intel-medfield-phone [Original.]

Wednesday 13:30 · @jasonfried What headphones? [Original, responding to @jasonfried.]

Wednesday 20:08 · My 12-year-old is watching the Lord of the Rings movies. They are, mostly, inexcusably bad. I hope to live to see another attempt. [Original.]

Wednesday 20:18 · Ooh, I’m in trouble now. [Original.]

Wednesday 21:07 · @thillerson @dhh Yup, Game of Thrones much better. [Original, responding to @thillerson.]

Thursday 10:30 · Thinking it’s going to be pretty much required for CS curricula to have a 300-level “understanding git” course: progit.org/2011/07/11/reset.html [Original.]

Thursday 10:41 · @segphault Feels like, decades ago, first learning the unix shell environment. Immense power at the top of a very steep rocky hill. [Original, responding to @segphault.]

Thursday 10:43 · @JustinShidell Basic git (clone, add, commit, push, pull) is straightforward. Then it gets weird fast. [Original, responding to @JustinShidell.]

Thursday 11:18 · These “Three Keys to iPhone App Performance” apply equally to Android IMHO: inessential.com/2012/04/26/the_three_keys_to_iphone_app_performance [Original.]

Thursday 22:48 · Proposals on the table for HTTP2: trac.tools.ietf.org/wg/httpbis/trac/wiki/Http2Proposals [Original.]

Thursday 22:53 · @koush True dat. [Original, responding to @koush.]

Friday 10:01 · @abdelazer Hm… maybe you need more excitement at work? [Original, responding to @abdelazer.]

Friday 11:03 · @estherschindler Cool, but that was last fall [Original, responding to @estherschindler.]

Friday 15:00 · @meyerweb If you haven't fixed it already, and you're on OS X, I have some useful advice. [Original, responding to @meyerweb.]

Friday 15:08 · @pragdave Use homebrew [Original, responding to @pragdave.]

Friday 15:10 · @james_clark Congrats! [Original, responding to @james_clark.]

Friday 15:12 · @pragdave "brew install imagemagick" worked first time for me [Original, responding to @pragdave.]

Friday 15:18 · @meyerweb All my pain stopped when I abandoned DMGs from mysql.com and just said “brew install mysql” [Original, responding to @meyerweb.]

Friday 22:57 · @darkgracie There’s a horrible error at the “5” position. They mean the factorial of the square root of 9, not the ... darkgracie.posterous.com/this-is-the-kind-of-clock-that-avflox-would-a [Original, responding to @darkgracie.]

Friday 23:22 · Debbie Harry, clearly a goddess: sashafrerejones.tumblr.com/post/21960654328/originally-posted-on-heavymetallove9 [Original.]

Sunday 00:14 · Recursive pixel peeping: [Original.]

Sunday 13:51 · Ick; virtualbox Web site has been off the air all weekend. Hope it’s not a message. [Original.]

Sunday 13:58 · The UTF-8-Everywhere Manifesto: www.utf8everywhere.org/ Right on. [Original.]

Sunday 14:29 · Nitro! www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCYOFVLTO8U [Original.]

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