It was a sort-of holiday (Easter day off in Canada, but not for Google US) which meant I was juggling childcare and OAuth-related meetings and MySQL issues. By “child-care” I mean going out on a walk where the kid has a bike and I have a camera.

Vancouver has a kazillion ornamental flowering fruit trees, and they’re just getting into their stride. They’re a treat for the eye but don’t (in my experience, contain too many good photos. This is sort of an accident, I was zeroing in on some sunlit blossoms and trying different focus ranges, and what this picked up was more interesting than the flowers.


I love color. I respect and enjoy many photographs which are presented in black & white, but feel no urge to capture “that kind of image”. Sometimes, though, a picture screams “I want to be monochrome” so loudly that you can’t ignore it. The colors it’s in are soft and pretty and I regret losing them; but it wants to be this way.

Monochrome botanical

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April 06, 2012
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