Three darkish photos taken on a Vancouver Sunday evening.

This one is sort of deceiving; the sun was setting outside the restaurant, casting fragments of dazzle at the other end of the long narrow room, which was quite adequately lit. When I first brought this up on the computer screen, it was black with just a touch of light here and there; it’s an OK photo made usable by the remarkable capabilities of today’s photo-support software, in this case Lightroom 4. This is perhaps the canonical example of a picture that depends radically on the use of raw capture as opposed to jpeg.

Inside The Reef restaurant on Main Street in Vancouver

This is just a red light in the rain.

Red light in the rain

My neighborhood. (For Vancouverites, looking south from Cambie and 17th). It’s a good city to live in. I recommend (and I don’t do this very often) enlarging this one.

Cambie & 17th in Vancouver at night

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April 02, 2012
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