I usually ask for a window seat, and try to have some sort of camera handy. I’ve been flying since I was very young and I’m not young any more, but I’ve never tired of taking pictures through airplane windows. I get the occasional raised eyebrow from the other frequent flyers sucking on their Bloody Marys, but I can take it.

These are from the very late stages of a recent flight from Amsterdam to Vancouver; at a rough guess, somewhere in the vicinity of Ts’il-os Provincial Park.

The Rockies from above
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The Rockies from above

When I was working my way through the trip’s pictures I thought “those are OK” and tossed them onto Google+. But a lot of people liked them (G+ is great for feedback) and the feeling kept growing on me that there’s something to them, so here they are.

Yes, I’m hugely fond of G+, but if it’s my work and I care about it, I’m just not ready to commit to anyone else’s infrastructure for the long haul, even my employer’s. I know that it’s not as easy at it should be for a non-geek to set up her own home on the Internet range under her own name. But I think that if you care about your work, you should do that.


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From: Bud Gibson (Nov 21 2011, at 21:49)

TBH, I'm having a bit of a problem following anyone but my students on G+ these days. Much easier to actually track your blog updates using google reader. Basically, the blog, for all its lack of interactivity is more solid. You know where it is. You'd think there'd be a way to combine the stream (G+) with with the mountains (blogs).

And, these photos are great. I'm glad I caught them.


From: Hanan Cohen (Nov 21 2011, at 23:07)

For years now, Doc Searls sits at the window seat and takes pictures.


He seems to consider it his life's project, documenting the earth from above and showing its beauty.

See this set for example.



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