Pictures of Shanghai, I mean. Not including any tourist attractions.

Here’s maybe the definitive shot, to my mind: Traffic in Shanghai is full-on madness 24/7, both the massive freeways and the tiny alleys. Actually this one’s a little misleading because everyone’s staying neatly in their lanes; driving in China is usually pretty free-form.

Shanghai traffic

We’d eaten at the famous and nice but sort of boring Xintiandi district and decided to walk home on the back streets; spent quite a bit of time walking down Julu Road, which had a distinct ordinary-folks feel; a relief after so much Shanghai homogeneous-gleaming-mall time.

On Julu Road in Shanghai

The people of Shanghai are, on average, well-dressed and stylish, even the ones who don’t look like they’re rolling in dough. There’s nothing special about this woman as far as I know, but the way she strode along, full of confidence and with that snappy little bike, caught my eye.

Woman walking nifty modern bike in Shanghai

We spent some time in People’s Park, pleasant enough and very crowded on a Saturday. There was some dazzling Tai Chi on display; in particular this lady with the sword totally had the moves.

Lady practicing Tai Chi with a sword in People’s Park, Shanghai

Finally, here’s a pond in the park; a good place to sit and think and watch the people.

Pond in People’s Park, Shanghai

I like Shanghai. It’s kind of sleazy and grubby in places but hey, I’m from Vancouver. It’s practical and energetic and in a big hurry and seems to work pretty well. Shame about that government.


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From: Bud Gibson (Nov 07 2011, at 06:13)

I like the one of the woman walking her bicycle the most. It has a lot of interesting compositional elements. I also like the cars. I haven't been to China in 4 years, but it gives a good sense of the place.


From: John Dowdell (Nov 07 2011, at 13:37)

Thanks for the Shanghai photos... nice break in the day for us statesiders. :)

Agree with you on the cars... I almost had a deadly experience near your Julu Rd marker, still gives me the willies.... :(

(Zhongshan Park is more neighborly, if time permits...?)


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