I think this counts as a travel-planning Personal Worst. In November, I’m committing speechification in Tokyo, Shanghai, Broomfield, and Antwerp.

To be precise:

Buy airline shares. I shudder to think of the carbon load.

But hey, if you’re going to be in one of those places, drop on by and say hello.


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From: Tomáš Pospíšek (Oct 07 2011, at 05:16)

Well, you can allways offset the produced carbon:


There's probably some canadian organisation that does something similar.

You might want to have a look what they (myclimate in this case) do to offset the carbon...


From: Scott (Oct 07 2011, at 14:20)

The worst thing about this schedule is that you will fly halfway around the world and not be able to spend any time off sightseeing.


From: Keith Jardine (Oct 07 2011, at 17:33)

Following on Tomas' recent comment about carbon offsets, there is a credible company close to you that is in the offset business: <http://www.offsetters.ca/


From: Ori (Oct 10 2011, at 15:08)

Thought a middle east fond like yourself will land at GDD Tel Aviv in November...


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