I have a nice photo on my Mac desktop, but I never see it because it’s always covered with windows. I see my Android-device wallpaper all the time though, because I’m always hitting the “Home” button. I think this pattern is general and thus mobile is more interesting than desktop on the wallpaper front.

Recently, Romain Guy posted a collection of 100 of his photos he uses for wallpapers. Many of them are exquisite; go look.

I liked the idea so I made a bunch of themed collections for the same purpose. While I selected things that I thought might work well, I haven’t actually tried them all. Anyhow, if they beautify your phone that’s great, and even if nobody adopts any, I had fun putting the collections together.

I really must say how well-suited Google+ photo galleries are for this sort of thing.


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From: David Magda (Oct 02 2011, at 16:42)

This is something that I've always wondered about: if you're actually using your computer, you have application opens, and these cover the desktop—especially since most people tend to make every program fullscreen.

So if you have applications open, how can you see the wallpaper?

Far as I can figure, a lot of people full power cycle their systems, and so can see the wallpaper on login and logout. (I just put mine to sleep.)

Perhaps it's because I'm a geek, but I've never seen the point of wallpapers. Can someone perhaps explain from a layman's (?) perspective?


From: Bill Seitz (Oct 04 2011, at 06:44)

I have a 2-row Calendar widget on my main Home page, with the rest filled with buttons.

So I keep a pretty minimal background.


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